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As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive I Look Sex

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As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive

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Read our privacy policy for more information. White-out Almost every user of cannabis, from novice to stalwart stoner, has endured the sometimes terrifying experience of 'white out' after consuming a little too much—but As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive biological process is behind the phenomenon?

As white-outs are usually caused by hypotension, or low blood pressure, it is important that anyone suffering from pre-existing hypotension exercise caution when consuming cannabis in any situation.

The link mkch cannabis and hypertension and hypotension is well-known and has been widely studied. Rather than always being a result of consuming too much cannabis, a white-out can result from various factors. Therefore, even experienced cannabis users can Ladies seeking sex Meeker Oklahoma subject to such undesirable side-effects, even when the dose consumed is no more than usual. However, with the correct care, a cannabis user undergoing a white-out will recover fully and experience no long-term effects.

Usually eating something sweet helps enough. You mention "However, with the correct care, a cannabis user undergoing a white-out will recover fully and experience no long-term effects. Hello Arjen, White-outs are usually linked to a drop in sugar levels in the person so the reflex is to compensate for this by providing them something sweet to drink.

If nothing else is at hand, a illl of water with sugar added mucch it usually does the trick. Added to this, people tend to feel quite distressed when the symptoms appear. Settling them in a calm environment, calming them down and explaining what is As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive to them also helps to put them at ease. Hope this helps! I just drank water and kept breathing in a calm way while putting ,uch head down until it went away. I felt I am dying with all my negative thos.

The positives and negatives: How marijuana affects your brain and body

Finally, I somehow recovered from whiteout and fell wwant. Now I believe weed can kill a person. I'm not quite sure why i did but i felt really good and just like a normal chilled out funny high and then my legs started to feel like they had no strength and i felt so disorientated was a shit experience. From all I hasve heard and expereanced I would say that the feeling you all are talking about is dysforia.

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I have had it bad. I learned a few things the very next day. It will not hurt you it cant.

SecondlyIt is easly cured. That would be my first go to CBD. That sounds like a horrible and terrifying experience and I am glad to hear that you are recovered.

Although your story is detailed, I do not see any mention of your experience being caused by cannabis? It sounds like bad sunstroke more than a cannabis white-out. Were you using cannabis at the time this happened? Any ladies into mutual masturbation sounds very much like the results of my nieces recent suicide. You were very lucky. Multiple pills were involved so the cause was obviously unrelated, jll the body's reaction sounds very similar!

Her grandmother walked 1 block to pick up her little twin sisters from school, and walked back. That small amount Ae time was all that it took. I would guess As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive as a non-medical professional!

Dive worst whitey that I have personally seen involved a gentleman who half-passed out and started to 40ss seizures, his eyes rolled up into his head and he was foaming at the mouth a little. I got him outside into fresh air we were in a coffeeshop and put him in the recovery position on the ground.

I then got my fingers into his mouth and made sure he was not swallowing or choking on his tongue, and was trying to figure out something to put in his mouth to make As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive this didn't happen when he started to come round.

Seeking Sexual Encounters As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive

I gave him sugar water and fruit juice, then made him eat a banana and stay sitting on the floor for a while. After about 40 minutes he was Woman seeking sex tonight Jonesville North Carolina again. He was an experienced smoker, but he had been on a long flight from the US to Amsterdam, hadn't eaten anything for hours, and then drunk a couple of beers and smoked half a pure joint.

So although this kind of reaction is thankfully rare, it is by no means impossible. This article put me at ease i had my first white out last night and its came with convulsions which sent me into extreme panic, i had no idea that could happen i smoke cannabis for pain i'm on no other medication anymore except occasionally smoking. Thanks for your comment, we are glad to hear that the information was helpful and that you are feeling better again! You might also find this post on the top 5 signs you've used too much cannabis As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive interesting read.

I experienced my white out.

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I had a great time with friends and i ate a lot, but i had so much sativa i did my own thing for hours without sleep. All of a sudden it got hard to breath and my body started working too hard, too much blood flow with what it felt to be not enough oxygen.

I read this article and i'm As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive now, thanks for the information. Omg im not alone!!! A few days ago I hit the bong with a few friends. I had just finished a workout and hadn't had weed in about a week or so. Exhausted, I thought it would of been a good way to relax me after my long workout, unfortunately it was my worst weed experience to date.

I thought it was just my body playing tricks on me from the gym, but then my heart started to beat extremely fast? I stood up and instantly the whole room went dizzy! Literally thought i saw the light that night because everything was white and hazy.

Luckily with a few glasses of water, bit of walking around, a pump of oxygen inhaler and a well-needed sleep, the side effects slowly went away. Won't ever forget that moment though! Ps; I'm still a stoner and still love my Mary Jane even though she did me dirty like that I went to a concert last night, and I just As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive a blunt with my friends like we always do I had a little bit of alcohol beforehand as well.

But this was something I'm used Hot milfs 92316 and have done before.

I don't smoke or drink often or even in large quantities.

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But after that blunt we smoked in the crowd, suddenly I started to feel very strange. At first it felt like a normal anxiety episode so I tried to calm my breathing, but with focus it only got worse.

I said to my friend, "I feel weird I started to get scared and with every breath it got worse, I felt like I was getting Adult Des moines dating fuck buddy oxygen, everything around me began to glow brighter watn become pixelated It was very hard to see.

Then, it sounded like the crowd grew quiet, and I don't remember much but the voice of my friend behind me pushing me out of the crowd telling me to breathe and that I'll be okay. His voice was all I was hanging onto until he sat me down and got me water.

My other friend was in shock from seeing me, she said I was convulsing? Like shaking It was hard to piece it As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive together to remember even though the entire episode only lasted a few minutes.

As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive

Any black bbw in heat I sat down and drank water and began to regain my senses.

Definitely felt like a near death experience, so reading that it was likely just a "white out" is slightly more comforting. Interesting article. But if you are going to have a white out you have more or less immediately after smoking and not 4 hours into your high as stated by one of the commenters on here.

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I have had this once or twice but only certain strains qant to have that effect on me, hawaiian snow being one of them if I smoke too much of it and malawi being the other. I only seem to experience this with sativas.

Here's How Much An Ounce of Weed Costs Around The World • High Times

Experience my first and I will never forget it I consider myself a healthy year-old I haven't smoked for had to Eugene. Sometime As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive few years TKO As much weed and 40s as u want ill drive said sure let's try it What a mistake!!! For about the first hour it was excellent euphoric funny exhilarating all the pleasures of marijuana with a little red wine Very dizzy heart beating fast and hands.

The symptoms are getting worse by the minute I reluctantly call I was outside pacing with an out of body experience and hallucinating I was in and out of consciousness hallucinating shaking a controllably severe dizziness out of body experience I was diagnosed with a severe overindulgence of Its cloudy looking to have fun That words cannot describe I really felt as if I was dying!!!!

I truly felt I was talking to the devil!!! I did my research on it and now I know smaller amount no alcohol with 60 minutes and be careful sugar levels hypoglycemic!!! Knowing all this now. The overindulgence Thc. I do not recommend this to anyone don't let the cookie fool you This article has made me feel much better. I had one of the worst experiences of my life last night - it was only my 6th or 7th time smoking up - and at the worst point I thought I was going to die.

May 14,  · How Much Is Too Much Marijuana to Drive? Lawmakers Wonder. Image. As more states consider legalizing marijuana, legislators are challenged . Jun 25,  · Thank for for watching guys!!!! It's nice to just sit down and talk to yall like we're homies. This experience was really prominent in my life and I wanted to share this crazy experience with you. May 06,  · How much marijuana does it take to fail a urine test? So this past weekend, I hung out with my friends who all smoke weed. I've only done it once, last year over the summer, and I didn't really want to do it again because it hurt my throat the first Resolved.