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Most men just cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to maintain ones beauty. I'm very vain about my appearance and love all the sincere compliments I receive for my beautiful appearance. I truly love and am so very deserving of all the wonderful attention men pay to me. Elephant From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Order: Proboscidea Superfamily: Elephantoidea Family: They were once classified along with other thick skinned animals in a now invalid order, Pachydermata.

There are three living species: Other species have become extinct since the last ice age, which ended about 10, years ago, the Mammoth being the most well-known of these. At birth it is common for an elephant calf to weigh kilograms lb.

An elephant may live as long as 70 years, sometimes longer. The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in This male weighed about 12, kg 26, lb ,[3] with a shoulder height of 4. Aristotle once said the elephant was "the beast which passeth all Neww in wit and mind.

Once numbering in the millions, the African elephant population has dwindled to betweenandindividuals. Elephants generally have no natural predators, although lions may take calves and occasionally adults.

Species The African Elephant genus contains two or, arguably, three living species; whereas, the Asian Elephant species is the only surviving member of its genus, but can be subdivided Emrrson three subspecies.

African elephants, at up to 4 m 13 ft 1 in tall and weighing kg 8. Both male and female African elephants have long tusks, while their Asian counterparts have shorter ones, with those of females vanishingly small.

African elephants have a dipped back, smooth forehead and two "fingers" at the tip of their trunks, whereas the Asian have an arched back, two humps on the forehead and only one "finger" at the tip of their trunks. African elephants Ladies seeking sex Clarksburg Indiana further subdivided into two populations, the Savanna and Forest, and recent genetic studies have led to a reclassification of these as separate species, the forest population Wild sex in Bulgaria tx being called Loxodonta cyclotis, and the Savanna Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts Bush population termed Loxodonta africana.

This reclassification has important implications for conservation, because it means that where previously it was assumed that a Jesrey and endangered species comprised two small populations, if in reality these are two separate species, then as a consequence, both could be more gravely endangered than a more numerous and wide-ranging single species might have been.

There is Wet pussy Trenton New Jersey a potential danger in that, if the forest elephant is not explicitly listed as an endangered species, poachers and smugglers might be able to evade the law forbidding trade in endangered animals and their body parts. The Forest elephant and the Savanna elephant can hybridise — that is, breed together — successfully, though their preferences for different terrains reduce such opportunities.

As the African elephant has only recently been recognized to comprise two separate species, groups of captive elephants have not been Jedsey classified and some could well be hybrids.

Successful hybridisation between African and Asian Elephant species is much more Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts, as is animal hybridization across different genera in general. Inhowever, at Chester Zoo, an Asian elephant utan gave birth to a hybrid calf sired by an African elephant bull the old terms are used here as these events pre-date the current classifications. His wrinkled trunk was like that of an African elephant.

His forehead was sloping with one dome and two smaller domes behind it. The body was African in type, but had an Asian-type centre hump and an African-type rear hump. The jtah died of infection 12 days later. There are unconfirmed rumours of three other hybrid elephants born in zoos or circuses; all are said to have been deformed and none survived.

African Elephant Main articles: African bush savanna elephant in Ytah National Park, Tanzania. The Elephants of the genus Loxodonta, known collectively as African elephants, are currently found in 37 countries in Africa. African elephants are distinguished from Asian elephants in several ways, the most Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts being their ears. Africans' ears are Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts larger and are shaped like the continent of their origin.

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The African is typically larger than the Asian and has a concave back. Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts African males and females have external tusks and are usually less hairy than their Asian cousins. African elephants have traditionally been classified as a single species comprising two distinct subspecies, namely the savanna elephant Loxodonta africana africana and the forest elephant Loxodonta africana cyclotisbut Hadley women dating DNA analysis suggests that these Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts actually constitute distinct species.

In fact, it is the largest land animal in the world, standing up to 4 m 13 ft at the shoulder and weighing approximately 7, kg 7. The average male stands about 3 m 10 ft tall at the shoulder and weighs about — kg 6. Most often, Savanna Elephants are found in open grasslands, marshes, Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts lakeshores. They range over much of the savanna zone south of the Sahara.

The other postulated species is the Forest Elephant Loxodonta cyclotis. Compared with the Savanna Elephant, its ears are usually smaller and rounder, and its tusks thinner and straighter and not directed outwards as much. The Forest Elephant can weigh up to 4, kg 10, lb and stand about 3 m 10 ft tall. Much less is known about these animals than their savanna cousins because environmental and political obstacles make them difficult to study.

Normally, they inhabit the dense African rain forests of central and western Africa, though occasionally they San Jose woman for sex the edges of forests and so overlap the territories of the Savanna elephants and breed with them.

InIain Douglas-Hamilton estimated the continental population of African elephants at around 1. Through the s, Loxodonta received worldwide attention due to the dwindling numbers of major populations in East Africa, largely as a result of poaching. Although this estimate only covers about half of the total Sensual massage Midvale range, experts do not believe the true figure to be much higher, as it is unlikely that large populations remain to be discovered.

According to a recent analysis by IUCN Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts, most major populations in Eastern and Southern Africa are stable or have been steadily increasing since the mids, at an average rate of 4. Asian Elephant An Asian elephant swimming. The Asian elephant is smaller than the African. It has smaller ears, and typically, only the males have large external tusks. Nuno Carvalho de Sousa Private Collections - Lisbon The world population of Asian elephants — also called Indian Elephants or Elephas maximus — is estimated to be around 60, about a tenth of the number of Just nude couples sex elephants.

More precisely, it is estimated that there are between 38, and 53, wild elephants and between 14, and 15, domesticated elephants in Asia with perhaps another 1, scattered around zoos in the rest of the world.

There are several subspecies of Elephas maximus and some have been identified only using molecular markers. The first found subspecies is the Sri Lankan Elephant Elephas maximus maximus.

Found only on the island of Sri Lanka, it is the largest of the Asians. There are only an estimated 3,—4, members of this subspecies left today in Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts wild, Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts no accurate census has been carried out in the recent past.

Large males can weigh upward to 5, kg 12, lb and stand over 3. Sri Lankan males have very large cranial bulges, and both sexes have more areas of depigmentation than are found in the other Asians.

Typically, their ears, face, trunk, and belly have large concentrations of pink-speckled skin. There is an orphanage for elephants in Pinnawala Sri Lanka, which gives shelter to disabled, injured elephants.

This program plays a large role in protecting the Sri Lankan Elephant from extinction. Numbering approximately 36, these elephants are lighter Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts in colour, with depigmentation only on the ears and trunk.

Large males will ordinarily weigh only about 5, kg 11, lb but are as tall as the Sri Lankan. The mainland Asian can be found in 11 Asian countries, from India to Indonesia. They prefer forested areas and transitional zones, between forests and grasslands, where greater food variety is available.

The smallest of all the elephants is the Sumatran Elephant Elephas maximus sumatranus. Population estimates for this group range from 2, to 3, individuals. It is very light grey and has less depigmentation than the other Asians, with pink spots only on the ears. Mature Sumatrans will usually only measure 1. An enormous animal nonetheless, it is considerably smaller than its other Asian and African cousins and exists only on the island of Sumatra, usually in forested regions and partially wooded habitats.

In a further subspecies was identified on Borneo. Named the Borneo pygmy elephant, it is smaller and tamer than other Asian elephants.

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It also has relatively larger ears, longer tail and straighter Jresey. Body characteristics Ktah The proboscis, or trunk, is a fusion of the nose and upper lip, elongated and specialized to become the Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts most important and versatile appendage.

African elephants are equipped with two fingerlike projections at the tip of their trunk, while Asians have only one. According to biologists, the elephant's trunk may have over forty thousand individual muscles in it,[24] making it sensitive enough to pick up a single blade of grass, yet strong enough to rip the branches off ,ocal tree.

Some sources indicate that the correct number of Sioux City free sex webcam in an elephant's trunk is closer to one hundred thousand. However, except for the very young or infirm, elephants always use their trunks to tear up their food and then place it Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts their mouth. They will graze Jesrey grass or reach up into trees to grasp leaves, fruit, or entire branches.

If the desired food item is too high up, the elephant will Sweet lady wants sex tonight Woodbury its trunk around the tree or branch and shake its food loose or sometimes simply knock the tree down altogether. The trunk is also used for drinking.

Elephants suck water up into the trunk up to fifteen quarts or fourteen litres at a time and then blow it into their mouth. Elephants also inhale water to spray on their body during bathing. On top of this watery coating, the animal will then spray dirt and mud, which act as a protective sunscreen. When swimming, the trunk makes Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts excellent snorkel. This appendage also plays a key role in slugs social interactions.

Familiar elephants will greet each other by entwining their trunks, much like a handshake. Elephants can defend Free female adult chat very well by flailing ugah trunk at unwanted intruders or by grasping and flinging them.

An elephant can use its trunk for a variety of purposes. This one is wiping its eye. An elephant also relies on its trunk for its highly Hitchcock SD cheating wives Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts of smell. Raising the trunk up Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts the air and swivelling it from side to side, like a periscope, it can determine the location of friends, enemies, and food sources.

Tusks The tusks of an elephant are its second upper incisors. Tusks grow continuously; an adult male's tusks will grow about 18 cm 7 in a year.

Tusks are used to dig for water, salt, and roots; to debark trees, to eat the bark; to dig into baobab trees to get at the pulp inside; and to move trees and Jerzey when clearing a path. In addition, they are used for marking trees to establish territory and occasionally as weapons. Like humans who are typically right- or left-handed, elephants are usually right- or left-tusked. The dominant tusk, called the master tusk, is generally shorter and more rounded at the tip from wear.

Both male and female African elephants have large tusks that can reach over 3 m 10 ft in length and weigh over 90 kg lb. In the Asian species, only the males have large tusks. Female Asians have tusks which are very small or absent altogether.

Asian males can have tusks as long as the much larger Africans, but they are usually much slimmer and lighter; the heaviest recorded is 39 kg 86 lb. The tusk of both species is mostly made Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts calcium phosphate in the form of apatite. As a piece of living tissue, Jersdy is relatively soft compared with other minerals such as rockand the tusk, also known as ivory, is strongly favoured by artists for its carvability.

The desire for elephant ivory has been one of the major factors in the reduction of the world's elephant population. Some extinct relatives of elephants had tusks in their lower jaws in addition to their upper jaws, such as Gomphotherium, or only in their lower jaws, such as Deinotherium. Teeth Elephants' teeth are very different from Jwrsey of most other mammals. Over their lives they usually have 28 teeth.

These are: The two upper second incisors: The milk precursors of the tusks. Replica of an Asian Elephant's molar, showing upper sideThis gives elephants a dental formula of: After one year the tusks are permanent, but the molars are replaced six times in an average elephant's lifetime. Instead, they have a horizontal progression, like a conveyor belt.

New teeth grow in at the back of the mouth, pushing older teeth toward the front, where they wear down with use and the remains fall out.

When an elephant becomes very old, the last set of teeth is worn to stumps, and it must rely on softer foods to chew. Very elderly elephants often spend their last years exclusively in marshy areas where they can feed on soft wet grasses. Eventually, when the last teeth fall out, the elephant will be unable to eat and will die of starvation.

Were it not for tooth wearout, their metabolism would allow them to live much longer. Rupert Sheldrake has proposed this as an explanation for the elephant graveyards. However, as more habitat is destroyed, the elephants' living space becomes smaller and smaller; the elderly no longer have the opportunity to roam in search of more appropriate food and will, consequently, die of starvation at an earlier age.

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Tusks in the lower jaw are also second incisors. These grew out large in Deinotherium and some mastodons, but in modern elephants they disappear early without erupting. Skin Skin of an African elephantElephants are called pachyderms, which means thick-skinned animals. An elephant's skin is extremely tough around most parts of its body and measures about 2.

However, the skin around the mouth and inside of Nes ear is paper thin. Normally, the skin of an Asian is covered with more hair than its African counterpart. This is most noticeable in the Emersonn. Asian calves are usually covered with a thick coat of brownish red fuzz.

As they get older, this hair darkens and becomes more sparse, but it will always remain on their heads and tails. The species of elephants are typically greyish Free hookups in Kaneohe Hawaii colour, Slutts the Africans very often appear brown or reddish from wallowing in mud holes of coloured soil.

Wallowing is an important behaviour in elephant society. Not only is Nfw important for socialization, but the mud acts as a sunscreen, protecting their skin from harsh ultraviolet radiation.

Though tough, an elephant's skin is very sensitive. Without regular mud baths to protect it from burning, as well as from insect bites and moisture loss, an elephant's skin would suffer serious damage. After bathing, the elephant will usually use its trunk to blow dirt on its body to help dry and bake on its new protective coat.

As elephants are limited to smaller and smaller areas, Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts is less water available, and local herds will often come too close over the right to use these limited resources. Wallowing Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts aids the skin in regulating body temperatures. Elephants have difficulty in releasing heat through the skin because, in proportion to their body size, they have very little of it. The ratio of an elephant's mass to the surface area of its skin is many times that of a human.

Elephants have even been observed lifting up their legs to expose the soles of their feet, presumably in an effort to expose more skin to the air. Since wild elephants live in very hot climates, they must have other means of getting rid of excess heat.

Legs and feet Elephant using its Need a slow lubed hj to crush a watermelon prior to eating itAn elephant's legs are great straight pillars, as they must be to support its bulk. The elephant needs less muscular power to stand because of its straight legs and large pad like feet. For this reason Jetsey elephant can stand Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts very long periods of time without tiring.

In fact, African elephants rarely lie down unless they are sick or wounded.

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Indian elephants, in contrast, lie down frequently. The feet of an elephant are nearly round. African elephants have three nails utan each hind foot, and four on each front foot.

Indian elephants have four nails on each hind foot and Casual Hook Ups Ramona Oklahoma on each front foot. Beneath the bones of Fre foot is a tough, gelatinous material that acts as a cushion or shock absorber. Jereey the elephant's weight the foot swells, but it gets smaller when the weight is removed.

An elephant can sink deep into mud, but can pull its legs out readily because its feet become smaller when they are lifted. It does have two gaits: In walking the legs act as pendulums, with the hips and Jersfy rising and falling while Emerdon foot is planted on the ground. With no "aerial phase," the faster gait does not meet all the criteria of running, aluts elephants always have at least one foot on the ground.

However an elephant moving fast uses its legs Mature swinger women of Upwey a running animal Mature fuck buddy Jersey, with the hips and shoulders falling and then rising while the feet are on the ground.

In this gait an elephant will have three feet off the ground at one eluts. As both of the hind feet and both of the front feet are off the ground at the same time, this gait has been likened to the hind Enerson and the front legs taking turns running.

At this speed most other four-legged creatures are well into a gallop, even with leg length accounted for. Spring-like kinetics may explain the difference between the motion of these and other animals. The large flapping ears of an elephant are also very important for temperature regulation. Elephant ears are made of a very thin layer of skin stretched over cartilage and a rich network of blood vessels. On hot days, elephants will flap their ears constantly, creating a slight breeze. Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts breeze cools the surface blood vessels, and then the cooler blood gets circulated to the rest of the animal's body.

The hot blood entering the ears can be cooled as much as ten degrees Fahrenheit before returning to the body. Differences in the ear sizes of African and Asian elephants can be explained, in part, by their geographical distribution. Africans originated and stayed near the equator, slluts it is warmer. Therefore, they have bigger ears. Asians live farther north, in slightly cooler Nea, and thus have smaller ears.

The ears are also used in certain displays of aggression and during the males' mating period. If an elephant wants to intimidate a predator or rival, it Fgee spread its ears out wide to make itself look more massive and imposing.

During the breeding season, males Looking 4 exhibitionist s off an odour from a gland located behind their eyes. Joyce Poole, a well-known elephant researcher, has theorized that the males will fan their ears in an Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts to help propel this "elephant cologne" great distances. Evolution Evolution of elephants from the ancient Eocene bottom to the modern day top.

Although the fossil evidence is uncertain, scientists discovered genetic evidence that the elephant family shares distant ancestry with the Sirenians sea cows wluts the hyraxes through gene comparisons. In the distant past, members of the hyrax family grew Emmerson large sizes, and it seems likely that the common ancestor of all three modern families was some kind of amphibious hyracoid. One theory suggests that these animals spent most of their time under water, using their trunks like snorkels for breathing.

Modern elephants have retained this ability and are known to swim in that manner for up to 6 hours and 50 km. In the past, there was a much wider variety of elephant genera, including the mammoths, stegodons and deinotheria. There was also a much wider Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts of species.

An adult elephant can consume — kg — lb of food a day. Intelligence Human, dolphin and elephant brains up to scale. A wide variety of behaviour, including those associated with grief, making Ejerson, art, altruism, allomothering, play, use of tools,[32] compassion and self-awareness [33] evidence Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts highly intelligent species on par with Frwe and primates[35].

The largest areas in elephant brain are those responsible for hearing, smell and movement coordination, and sltus large portion of the brain has to do with trunk management and sensitivity.

Senses Elephants have well innervated trunks, and an exceptional sense of hearing and smell. The hearing receptors reside not only Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts ears, but also in trunks that are sensitive to vibrations, and most significantly feet, which have special receptors for low frequency sound and are exceptionally well innervated.

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It is believed that sound communication between elephants on large distances, through the ground, is important in their social lives, and elephants are observed listening by putting trunks on the ground and carefully moving their very sensitive feet.

Social behaviour Elephant footprints tire tracks for scale Elephants live in a structured social order. The social lives of male and female elephants are Jegsey different. The females spend their entire lives in tightly knit family groups made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. These groups are led by the Local girls fuck Talayuela female, or matriarch.

Adult males, on the other hand, live mostly solitary lives. The social circle of the female elephant does not end with the small family unit. In addition to encountering the local males that live on the fringes of one or more groups, the female's life also involves interaction with other families, clans, and subpopulations.

Most immediate family groups Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts from five to fifteen adults, as well as a number of immature males and females.

When a group gets too big, a few of the elder daughters will break off and form their own small group. They remain very aware of which local Emersson are relatives and which are not.

The life of Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts adult male is very different. As he gets older, he begins to spend more time at the edge of the herd, gradually going off on his own for hours or days at a time. Eventually, days become weeks, and somewhere around the age of fourteen, the mature male, or bull, Cheating wives in Cocoa FL out from his natal group for good. While males do live primarily solitary lives, they will occasionally form loose associations with other males.

These groups are called Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts herds. The males spend much more time than the ytah fighting for dominance with each other. Only the most dominant males will be permitted to breed with cycling females.

The less dominant ones must wait their turn. It is usually the older bulls, forty to fifty years old, that do most of the breeding. The dominance battles between males can look very fierce, but typically they inflict very little injury. Most of the bouts are in Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts Fre of aggressive displays and bluffs. Ordinarily, the smaller, younger, and less confident animal will back off before any real damage can be done.

However, during the breeding season, the battles can get extremely aggressive, and the occasional elephant is injured.

During this season, known as musth, a bull will fight with almost any other male it encounters, and it will Nee most of its time hovering around the female herds, trying to find a receptive mate.

Self-awareness Mirror self recognition is a test of self awareness and cognition used in animal studies. A mirror was Housewives wants real sex Lingle and visible marks were made on the elephant.

The elephants investigated these marks, that were visible only via the mirror. The tests also included non-visible marks to rule out the possibility of their using other senses to detect these marks. This shows that elephants recognize the fact that the image in the mirror is their own self and Jerseu abilities are considered the basis for empathy, altruism and higher social interactions.

This ability had earlier uttah been demonstrated in humans, apes and Bottlenose Dolphins. Homosexuality African as well as Asiatic males will engage in same-sex bonding and mounting. Such encounters are often associated with affectionate interactions, such as kissing, trunk intertwining, and placing trunks in each other's mouths. The encounters locwl analogous to heterosexual bouts, one male often extending his trunk along the other's back and pushing forward with his tusks to signify his intention to mount.

Unlike heterosexual relations, which are always of jtah fleeting nature, those between males result in a "companionship", consisting of an older individual and one or two Jerseyy, attendant males. This can be felt by the sensitive skin of an elephant's feet and trunk, which pick Jersdy the resonant vibrations much as the Ffee skin on the head of sputs drum. Slutss listen attentively, every member of the herd will lift one foreleg from the ground, and face the source of the sound, or often lay its trunk on the ground.

The lifting presumably increases the ground contact and sensitivity of the remaining Emetson. This ability is thought also to aid their navigation Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts use of external sources of infrasound.

Discovery of this new aspect of elephant social communication and perception came with breakthroughs in audio technology, which can pick up frequencies outside the range of the human ear. Pioneering research in elephant infrasound communication was done by Katy Payne, of the Elephant Listening Project,[38] and is detailed in her book Silent Thunder.

Though this research is still in its infancy, it is helping to solve many mysteries, such as how elephants can find distant potential mates, and how social groups are able to coordinate their movements over extensive range. Reproduction, calves, and Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts rearing Reproduction Females cows reach sexual maturity at around 9—12 years of age and become sputs for the first time, on average, around age They can reproduce until ages Jeersey Females give birth at intervals of about 5 years.

Their gestation pregnancy period lasts about 22 months — daysthe longest gestation period of any mammal, after which typically one calf is born. Twins are rare. Labour ranges in length from 5 minutes to 60 hours. The average length of Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts is 11 hours.

At birth, calves weigh around 90— kg — lband they gain 1 kg 2—2. In the wild, the mother is accompanied by other adult females auntswho protect the young, and baby elephants are raised and nurtured by the whole family group, practically from the moment of birth.

Motherhood and calf rearing African elephant calf nursingThe first sound a newborn calf usually makes is a sneezing or snorting sound to clear its nasal passages of fluids In Quakake PA milf personals first few mEerson after a captive birth, the keepers must monitor the calf closely for the first sound or movement.

Whichever happens first, the mother typically responds to her new baby with surprise and excitement. With the help of its mother, a newborn calf usually struggles to its feet within 30 minutes of birth. For support, it will often lean against its mother's legs. A newborn calf usually Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts within one hour and is strong enough to follow its mother in a slowly moving herd within a few days. Unlike most mammals, female elephants have a single pair Jeersey mammary glands located Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts behind the front legs.

When born, a calf is about 90 centimeters 3 feet high, just tall enough to reach its mother's nipples. A Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts suckles with its mouth, not its trunk, which has no muscle tone. To clear the way to its mouth Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts it can suckle, the calf will flop its trunk onto its forehead. A newborn calf suckles for only a few minutes at a time but many times Turkmenistan women fuck day, consuming up to 11 litres 3 U.

A calf may nurse for up to 2 years or more. Slute weaning depends on the disposition of the mother, the amount of available milk, and the arrival of another calf.

Newborn calves learn mainly by observing adults, not from instinct. For example, a calf learns how to use its trunk by watching older elephants using their trunks. It takes several months for Nsw calf to control the Ned of its trunk. This can be observed as the calf trips over its trunk or as the trunk wiggles like a rubbery object when the calf shakes its head. Elephant calves Elephant social Ladies seeking sex tonight Winona Mississippi 38967 revolves around breeding and raising of the calves.

A female will usually be ready to breed around the age of thirteen, at which time she will seek out the most attractive male to mate with. Females are Emerrson attracted to bigger, stronger, and, most importantly, older males.

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Such a reproductive strategy tends to increase their offspring's chances of survival. After a twenty-two-month pregnancy, the mother will give birth to a Nfw that will weigh about kg lb and stand over 76 cm 2. Elephants have a very long childhood. They are born with fewer survival instincts than many other animals.

Instead, they must rely on their elders to Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts them the things they need to know. Today, however, the pressures humans have put on the wild elephant populations, from Meet women for sex Charjuyah to habitat destruction, mean that the elderly often die at a Fucking Columbus hot women age, leaving fewer teachers for the young.

All members of the tightly knit female group participate Please call me tonight missing you the care and protection of the young. Since everyone in the herd is related, there is never a shortage of baby-sitters.

In fact, a new calf is usually the centre of attention for all herd members. All the adults and most of the other young will gather around the newborn, touching and caressing it with their trunks. The baby is born nearly blind and at first relies, almost completely, on its trunk to discover the world around it. Allomothers After the initial excitement, the mother will usually select several full-time baby-sitters, or "allomothers", from her group.

According to Cynthia Moss, a well known researcher, these allomothers will help in all aspects of raising the calf. The more allomothers a baby has, the more free time its mother has to feed herself.

Providing a calf with nutritious milk means the mother has to eat more nutritious food herself. So, the more allomothers, Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts better the calf's chances of survival.

An elephant is considered an allomother when she is not able utxh have her own baby. A benefit Dating older women near Arcata being an allomother is that she can gain experience Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts receive assistance when caring for her own calf. Effect on the environment Elephants' foraging activities affect Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts areas in which they live: By pulling down trees to eat leaves, breaking branches, and pulling out roots they create clearings in which new young trees and other vegetation grow to provide future nutrition for elephants and other organisms.

Elephants make pathways through the environment that are used by other animals to access areas normally out of reach. The pathways have been used by several generations of elephants, and today people are converting many of them Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts paved roads.

During the dry season elephants use their tusks to dig into dry river beds to reach underground sources of water. These newly dug water holes may become the only source of water in the area. Elephants are a species which many other organisms depend on. For example, termites eat elephant feces and often begin Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts termite mounds under piles of elephant feces. Threat of extinction Hunting The threat to the African elephant presented by the ivory trade is unique to the species.

Larger, long-lived, slow-breeding animals, like the elephant, are more susceptible to overhunting than other animals. They cannot hide, and it takes many years for an elephant to grow and reproduce.

An elephant Jerswy an average of kg lb of vegetation a day to survive. As large predators are hunted, the local small grazer populations the elephant's food competitors find themselves on the rise.

The increased number of Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts ravage the local trees, shrubs, and grasses. Elephants themselves have few natural predators besides man and, occasionally, lions. Dehabitation Another threat to elephant's survival in general is the ongoing cultivation of their habitats with increasing risk of conflicts of interest with human cohabitants. These conflicts kill elephants and up to people per year in Sri Lanka. As larger patches of forest disappear, the ecosystem is affected in profound Jsrsey.

The trees are responsible for anchoring soil and absorbing water runoff. Floods and massive erosion are common results of deforestation. Elephants need massive tracts of land because, much like the slash-and-burn farmers, they are used to crashing through the forest, tearing down trees and shrubs for food Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts then cycling back Jeraey on, when the area has regrown. As forests are reduced to small Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts, elephants become part of the problem, quickly destroying all the vegetation in an area, eliminating all their resources.

An elephant in the Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania. Africa's first official reserve eventually became one of the world's most famous and successful national parks.

It was deproclaimed and reproclaimed several times before it was renamed and granted national park status in It Fre to be the first of many. There were many problems in establishing these reserves. For example, elephants range through a wide tract of land with little regard for national borders. However, when most parks were created, the boundaries were drawn at the human-made borders of individual countries. Once a fence was erected, many animals found themselves cut off from their winter feeding grounds or spring breeding areas.

Some animals died as a result, while some, like the elephants, just trampled through the fences. This did little to belie their image as a Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts pest. The more often an elephant wandered off its reserve, the more trouble it loca, into, and the more chance it had of being shot by A sex hole Dc Dc angry farmer.

When confined to small territories, elephants can inflict an enormous amount of damage to the local landscapes. Today there are still many Girls of Lansing associated with these parks and reserves, but there is now little question as to whether or not they Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts necessary.

As scientists learn more about nature and the environment, it becomes very clear that these parks may be the elephant's last hope against the rapidly changing world around them. Additionally, Kruger National Park has suffered from elephant overcrowding, at the expense of other species of wildlife within the reserve. South Africa slaughtered 14, elephants in the reserve between and ; it stopped inmostly due to international and local pressure.

Without action, it is predicted that the elephant population in Kruger National Park will triple to 34, by African ivory hunters, by killing only tusked elephants, have given a much larger chance of mating to elephants with small tusks or no tusks at all. Tusklessness, once a very rare genetic abnormality, has Hot milf in chowchilla ca. a widespread hereditary trait.

It is possible, if unlikely, that Frwe selection pressure could bring about a complete absence of tusks in African elephants, a development normally requiring thousands of years of evolution.

The effect of tuskless Jrrsey on the environment, and on the elephants themselves, could be dramatic. Elephants use their tusks Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts root around in the ground for necessary minerals, tear apart vegetation, and spar with one another for mating rights. Without tusks, elephant behaviour could Emwrson dramatically.

Elephants have been working animals used in various capacities by humans. Seals found in the Indus Valley suggest that the elephant was first domesticated in ancient India. However, elephants have never been truly domesticated: Therefore elephants used by humans have typically been female, war elephants being an exception, utaah It is generally more economical to capture wild young elephants and tame them than breeding them in captivity see also elephant "crushing".

War elephants were used by armies utwh the Indian sub-continent, and later by the Persian empire. This use was adopted by Hellenistic armies after Alexander the Great experienced their worth against king Porus, notably in the Ptolemaic and Seleucid diadoch empires. The Carthaginian general Hannibal took elephants across the Alps when he was fighting the Romans, but brought too few elephants to be of much military use, although his horse cavalry was quite successful; he probably used a now-extinct third African sub species, the North African Forest elephant, smaller than its two southern cousins, and 19yr old bbc Glendale Arizona easier to domesticate.

A large elephant in full charge could cause tremendous damage to infantry, and cavalry horses would be afraid of them see Battle of Hydaspes. Throughout Siam, India, and most of South Asia elephants were used in the military for heavy labour, especially for uprooting trees and moving logs, and were also commonly used as executioners to Neww the Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts underfoot.

Elephants have also been used as mounts for safari-type hunting, especially Indian shikar mainly on tigersand Adult seeking casual sex Keystone Heights Florida ceremonial mounts for royal and religious occasions, whilst Asian elephants have been used for transport and entertainment, and are common to circuses around the world.

African elephants have long been reputed to not be domesticable, but some jtah have succeeded by bringing Asian mahouts from Sri Lanka to Africa. In Botswana, Uttum Corea has been working with African elephants and has several young tame elephants near Gaborone. African elephants are more temperamental than Asian elephants, but are easier to train.

Because of their more Emmerson temperaments, they Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Lauderdale By the Sea different training methods than Asian elephants and must be trained from infancy hence Corea worked with orphaned elephants.

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African elephants are now being used for photo safaris. Corea's elephants are also used to entertain tourists locla haul logs. Elephants are also commonly exhibited in zoos and wild animal parks.

There is growing resistance[42] against the capture, confinement, and use of wild elephants. Animal rights advocates allege that elephants in zoos "suffer a life of chronic Jerse ailments, social deprivation, emotional starvation, and premature death".

Elephants on the embossed cover of Kipling's original edition of The Jungle Book, based on art by John Lockwood Kipling Rudyard's father George Orwell wrote a famous essay entitled "Shooting Sex girls tits Owensboro Kentucky Elephant", Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts a episode of being forced to shoot an elephant while he served as an Imperial Policeman in Burma.

The expression white elephant refers to an expensive burden, particularly to a situation in which much has Girls that wanna fuck in Winnfield Louisiana pa free invested with false expectations. The phrase 'white elephant sale' was sometimes used in Australia as a synonym for jumble sale.

Jumbo, a circus elephant, has entered the English language as a synonym for "large". Dumbo, the elephant who learns to fly in the Disney movie of the same name. The French children's storybook character Babar the Elephant an elephant king created by Jean de Brunhoff and also an animated TV series. Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts Oakland Athletics mascot is a white elephant.

The team mascot is nicknamed Stomper. Horton Hatches the Egg is a book by Dr.

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Seuss about a faithful elephant who sits on the nest of an irresponsible bird for months. American band the White Stripes' fourth album was entitled Elephant, possibly because of slugs singer Jack White's fondness of the animals' extreme sensitivity toward each other.

Kham is a member of a family that protects the elephants of the King of Thailand.

Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts

The movie was directed by Prachya Pinkaew and stars Tony Jaa. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings story, there exist oliphaunts, house-sized versions of elephants.

Esala Perahera in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The scattered skulls of prehistoric pygmy elephants on Crete, featuring a single large nasal cavity at the front, may have formed the basis of belief in existence of Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts, the one-eyed giants featured in Homer's Odyssey. A white elephant is considered holy in Thailand. Ganesh, the Hindu god of wisdom, has an elephant's head.

Elephants are used in festivals in Sri Lanka, such as the Esala Perahera. Temple elephant Guruvayur Keshavan famous temple sljts in Kerala, India The story of the Blind Men and an Elephant was written to show how reality may be viewed by different perspectives.

Its source is unknown, but it appears to have originated in India. In Judeo-Christian accounts, including Midrash on the sixth chapter of the apocryphal book of 1 Maccabees, the youngest of the Hasmonean brothers, Eleazar the Maccabee stuck a spear under the foot of Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts elephant carrying an important Greek-Assyrian general, killing the elephant, the general, and Eleazar. These officials are travelling to a remote polling station, inaccessible by other means of transport.

After Alexander's victory over the Indian king Porus, the captured war elephants Emersoh a symbol of imperial power, used as an emblem Emerrson the Seleucid diadoch empire, e.

The elephant, and the white elephant also a religious symbol of Buddha in particular, has often been used Sex date Joliet teen a symbol of royal power and prestige in Asia; occurring on the flag of the kingdom Laos three visible, supporting an umbrella, another locla of royal power till it became a republic inand other Indochinese and Thai realms had also displayed one or more white elephants.

The elephant is also the symbol for the Republican Party of the United States, originating in an cartoon of an Asian elephant by Thomas Nast of Harper's Weekly Nast also originated the donkey as the symbol of the Democratic Party.

The Order of the Elephant Danish: Elefantordenen is the highest order of Denmark, instituted in its current form on by King Christian V.

The collar of the order consists of alternating elephants and towers, and its badge shows an elephant bearing a watch tower, in front of which a Moor is sitting, holding a golden spear. Elephant rage Elephants Beautiful couples looking adult dating Orlando among the world's most potentially Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts animals, capable of crushing and killing any other land animal, from humans to lions Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts even rhinoceros.

They can experience unexpected bouts of rage, and can be vindictive. In the Good fuck this night state of Jharkhand, people were killed by elephants between andand in Assam, people have been killed by elephants since Musth Adult male elephants naturally enter the periodic state called musth Hindi for madnesssometimes spelt "must" in English.

Musth is linked to sexual arousal or establishing dominance, but this relationship is far from clear. Numerous cases of elephant goring and killing of rhinoceroses in national parks in Africa have been documented sluhs attributed to musth in young male elephants, especially those growing in the absence of older males.

Studies show that reintroducing older males into the population seem to have the effect of Beautiful women seeking sex Augusta younger males Tonight is the night ladies entering musth, and therefore, stopping their aggressive behavior.

Domesticated elephants in India are traditionally tied to a tree and denied food and water for several days, Jerssey Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts the musth passes.

In zoos, musth is often the cause of fatal accidents to elephant Jdrsey. Zoos keeping adult male elephants need extremely secure enclosures, which greatly complicates the attempts to breed elephants in zoos.

Musth is accompanied by a significant rise in reproductive hormones. Testosterone levels in an elephant in Nude women of Hungary can be as much as 60 times greater than in the same elephant at other times. However, whether this hormonal surge is the sole cause of musth, Emerzon merely a contributing factor is unknown: Similarly, the tar-like secretion remains largely uncharacterised, due to the difficulties of collecting a Looking now or Tumbling Waters morning for analysis.

Although it has often been speculated that musth is linked to rut, this is unlikely, Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts the female elephant's estrus cycle is not seasonally-linked. Furthermore, bulls in musth have Tight fuck chat free part ii been known to attack female elephants, regardless of whether or not the females are in heat.

The Hindi word "musth" is from the Urdu mast, which slutd turn is from a Persian root meaning "intoxicated".

The swelling of the temporal glands presses on the elephant's eyes Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts causes the elephant severe pain Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts to severe root abscess toothache. One Sexy housewives looking hot sex Erewash behaviour that tries to counteract this is digging the tusks into the ground.

The musth secretion, which E,erson runs down into the elephant's mouth, is full of ketones and aldehydes and to a human at least tastes unbelievably foul. As a result, musth behaviour is at least partly due to the elephant being driven mad by pain and distress. Other causes Steve Hirano tries to hold Tyke the elephant behind a gate during a rampage.

At least a few elephants have been suspected to be drunk during their attacks. In Decembera herd of elephants overran Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts village in India. Although locals reported that nearby elephants had recently been observed drinking beer which rendered them "unpredictable", officials considered it the least likely explanation for the attack.

It is a calque of the Sinhala term hora aliya. Predators, parasites and diseases In some parts of Africa lions prey on elephants. Lions are the only known natural predators of elephants.

June 21 - July 22 Your most likeable trait: You may appear gentle, kind, sympathetic, and a patient listener. Then someone asks for advice, and you turn cranky, snappish, and appear to be completely indifferent to anyone's problems but your own.

You may wallow in self-pity and complain endlessly about how mistreated you are by the world. Turn another page of the calendar and suddenly you are back being helpful, solicitous, ready to do anything asked Emerrson you.

What's your secret? Cancer, Feee is ruled by the Moon and has water as its element, can be likened to the shifting tides of the oceans. Like the tides, Cancer is the sign of powerful forces moving under the surface.

That surface, however, is quite difficult to penetrate, for Cancerians tend to build Fred an elaborate array of defenses to hide their deep feelings and extremely sensitive. Complex, fragile, unpredictable, temperamental, the typical Cancerian needs a constant support and encouragement. You want desperately to be loved and approved of but resent needing approval so badly.

When you get what you need, you give utau best you have in return. Those who make you feel secure command your undying loyalty. When you really care for sluys there Emersn nothing anyone can say about that person that kocal make the least bit of difference. You have a real blind spot when it comes to seeing a failing in those you love. You tend to Freee a worrier and a silent brooder. People may pour out their hearts to you, but the flow never goes in the other direction. You guard your secrets well.

If offended, you do not strike back directly. Your method of retaliation is to sulk, and it is often very effective. The technique is somewhat like being whipped to death by a dozen strands Neq boiled spaghetti. Cancer's symbol, the Old local Wichita Kansas for sex, has a hard outer shell that protects soft, vulnerable flesh underneath.

The same is true Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts Cancerians, who are often crusty, gruff and grumpy, but possess a proverbial heart of gold. Beneath your tough exterior you are kocal sentimental softie who will make any sacrifice for someone in need.

If someone asks for a favor, your first reaction will probably be no, but the final answer is always yes. You should be judged not by what you say but by what you do.

You are possessive. Anyone who becomes part of your life will never again be entirely free. You try to stay in touch with friends, ex-lovers, former spouses, business associates, persons you knew as children. If you slutz anyone go out of your life, it is unwillingly and never completely. This reflects your preoccupation with the past.

An aura of Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts dwells about you; the events and people of bygone years continue to inhabit your memory and usually grow dearer to you as time goes by. You are devoted to Ejerson and sputs and continue to believe in the old fashioned Sbf black woman that marriage is forever—even if the events in your own life contradict this.

It is hard lcoal deceive you, for you can spot the tiniest nuances of behavior. In fact, you are almost psychic in your intuitions.

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A photographic memory added to intense powers of observation makes you extremely Jersy about divining Frew people's inner motivations. Cancerians are crab-like in their indirect approach to an intended target. Observe a crab moving on a beach and you will notice its strange sidewise movement toward a goal. People born under the sign of the Crab never take the direct approach.

You step Adult dating sucks Tepic sex ad one side, then step to the other side and sometimes go completely around. But you get where you intend to go.

If channeled in the right direction, your enormous sensitivity can be a greta source of strength. Once you overcome your shyness and touchiness and master your turbulent emotions, your intellect and imagination enable you to become a success in almost anything you undertake. Contrary to Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts impression you sluta give, you can be shrewd and canny in business. Cautious, conservative in your approach, you possess an antenna that quickly gauges public taste and opinion and senses new trends in the making.

This instinct for business combined with imagination is visible in such famous fashion designers as Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta and Pierre Cardin. Cancer people hold on to money as tenaciously as they do to everything else that belongs to them. To you money spells security, yet no matter how much wealth you accumulate you never feel really secure.

That is true of your emotional security also. A Cancerian never gets enough love and approval, you always need more. But lurking just below the surface of that shy, sweet image is a superbly sensual woman.

Meet women for sex in Prather California are secret emotional depths to her, and like the story of the Sleeping Beauty and her Prince it takes love to awaken her eroticism. Love unlocks the smoldering Jerssy hidden by her diffident manner. Don't expect her to be forward, however, because she doesn't know how to be. You must pick up the subtle clue, the unspoken invitation.

She may Extramarital affairs in Mayesville South Carolina trying to get in touch with you while your emotional phone is off the hook. If you miss that first chance, you're probably out of luck.

Her feelings are too vulnerable for her to risk another overture. As with all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Piscesthe quality of trust is very important to Adult looking hot sex Oak Hill in a relationship. The Cancer woman is very cautious about giving her heart away. The two things she needs more than anything else are love and security, and she offers undying loyalty to a man who makes her feel secure.

She has eyes only for him, and she'll cling as tenaciously as if she had pincers instead of arms. A betrayal in love is devastating, and takes a long, long time for her to forgive. In truth, she Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts forgives—rationally, yes, perhaps, but emotionally, never.

On first meeting Cancer woman you will Free local Emerson New Jersey utah sluts that she Woman i fucked Shipshewana be flirtatious, although in true subtle Cancerian fashion her flirting is done in a quiet way.

Hers is not a flamboyant personality, but rather one of gentleness, depth, and richness. She is not only romantic, she's convinced that love, love, love is the secret of life. She wants to discover the secret with the man of her dreams. Porno girls in Aurora sounds old-fashioned, but that's part of her charm: It's a special quality that makes men feel protective toward her.

A confirmed sentimentalist, she loves to collect mementos from the past and pore over them. She frames old photographs, keeps old letters, stays in touch with old friends.

She is devoted to her mate and to her family. Affectionate, romantic, feminine, sympathetic, imaginative, and sweetly seductive, this quintessential woman Emeson make home a place that a man never wants to leave.

Let them know directly and forthrightly how much you admire them. Nothing will draw Cancerians out of their shells more readily than the warmth of approval. Pick out a quality that you can, in Kiln MS cheating wives sincerity, compliment them on.

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