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Weed kills people. Maybe not directly but it kills cells in your brain and lungs that you need, which will eventually lead to either a stroke or pneumonia, if you smoke enough of it.

You are the slow one to say weed causes pneumonia…weed does not cause pneumonia Dumb Bitch…but you finally figured out how to halfway make Girls looking for sex Porter OK point. Smoke can cause lung damage, but that is not the only way people get pneumonia…so you are still an Idiot.

Would that mean Cassie has it too? Girls looking for sex Porter OK Kim have any relationships after Diddy? Of course not because he kept her on a short leash. Look at Charlie Sheen he finally came out because someone exposed him. They had her hooked up to an IV, while giving her meds, saline, vitamins, etc. Trust me, I know… my twin sister died at 47 with the same complications. Every doctor visit and hospitalization. Looking for you kh released her from the hospital to go home to pass… she died a week later and the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

I am still angry, hurt, and shocked! My nephews lost their Mom and only parent. She caught AIDS from a prison inmate. He died two years bf her death. She also carried a child for 9 months who was already dead!

The doctors called me there to help her deliver a dead fetus! A few things…. There is a cover up however and eventually it will get out cuz the family in GA are starting to talk.

Maybe Shit Daddy has Girls looking for sex Porter OK killed with undetectable poison. I believe it could have been an accidentally OD, an illness they would like to keep private regardless of prying eyes she has HIPAA rights and none of outer fucking biz ….

Missingyou47 I think your theory masked a ton of sense. Not so sure she was killed, but perhaps the family wanting to keep details out of the public eye. Click here Girls looking for sex Porter OK to use the wp menu Sweet wife looking sex tonight Darwin. Jussie Smollett: All Charges Dropped!

Shut up! People can die from pneumonia complications and ses have AIDS.

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Very true but AIDS is not the only reason an immune system can be unhealthy. Actually I was thinking HIV cuz he gave it to her. But a crackpot white man walked into the club and Girls looking for sex Porter OK a bunch of folk. This is sad. Anon Can you have cardiac arrest with Girls looking for sex Porter OK You sound stupid, the streets was on Chinx neck…dont speak on what you dont mnow. Dang what happen to French Montana, what I miss?

What happened to Craig Mack, Shyne???? Yes, he still is bitter. I stay out of your way. That was some bitchassness. This is all old news. Kim is a batch, anyone who has happened to run into her at Phipps or Church's Chicken knows that, although I do have to say she looks like a battered woman sometimes, hiding black eyes behind sunglasses and the like.

Who beats on her? Girls looking for sex Porter OK, you seem to be the one having a hard time letting go. Diddy probably doesn't want you, he Sweet women want sex Ashland your physical replacement in Cassie, who is probably tighter in more ways than one Misa seems real cool. And a lot people do not know that child support is relative to the dad's income and lifestyle.

If the dad is living Adult looking real sex Crivitz Wisconsin a mansion, why should the child live in a shack? Pay up: That's the name of the game. So, it's a good thing she cleared that up. Also, how can Kim not accept her daughters' sister. What Puff did to her, that child had no control over. Girl move around. Seems like Diddy and Wayne got that SuperSperm.

Can impregnate women by just looking at them, and then all the women become the best of friends. Minus Kim Porter. With all do respect Misa, I trully doubt Diddy's still stuntin you. You were soooo 16 years ago. Still wants her?

You mean, he can't have her? I think Kim is bitter about Chance because she wanted the twins to be Diddy's first girl s.

But she needs to get over it. Her kids need to know their sister. Girls looking for sex Porter OK can't stand stuff like this I think what Misa meant was Diddy doesn't want her persay, but the fact that he can't have her IF he wanted her prob.

But I have no doubt he takes good care of Justin. Florida I believe her that Diddy still wants her it's hard for a man to realize that his first love got away I know my exhubby still Girls looking for sex Porter OK me and I got away only to be friends with him and remain cordial not bitter or petty so that always reminds them of what they lost Ever since I heard that I've never appreciated Kim and won't the shocker for me was that Sarah has been around as long as Kim I love Misa she is cool and down to earth Kim is a Biatch always has been and always will be until she realizes that she can't change diddy Misa moved on from diddy, had a new family, got married, got divorced, and got her a new man!

She never sweated diddy or tried to hold onto him! Hanover sexy massage

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Once she saw that Kim stabbed her in the back she told them to both kick rocks! U go Misa F that herb! And I say that about Kim being bitter about Girls looking for sex Porter OK twins not being the first girls because she made a comment about Christian having two beautiful little sisters and that he didn't need to know Chance or something along those lines.

No mention of Justin although he is obviously close with Christian At all that unprotected sex and bodily fluids being exchanged simultaneously She needs to rethink letting puffy persue her. She's got 2 years left of alimony.

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Let's see how she's talking when the checks stop coming. If you run in this 'circle' then this is old news You could be right. Aint no tellin But Puffy has loved and lost endless loves through out his life time.

H3ll, a few Girls looking for sex Porter OK ago he was singing "I need a girl" to J-Lo. Choco Says: At all that unprotected sex and bodily fluids being exchanged simultaneously….

Did you read Erica Kennedy's "Bling"? I don't know how true this is though, but when the book came out, that was the buzz.

If Justin goes to college she will be getting checks until he graduates. Misa has her own money as well. I grew up in the ror city as them both and have friends who travel in the same circles As for checks, she will Ever just need that go to girl fine she makes her own money and has an ex-husband who takes care of his Girls looking for sex Porter OK kids from her and his paper is not that shabby either!

It is not diddy paper but its enough to keep her and the kids very comfortable! Florida Look at the similies JLO left and didn't come back to him either-it's the ones who Portef away is what bruises him I agree about Kim looking old and haggard; If it is in your heart, it will reveal sec self at some point, to the world. That girl know she is all kinds of wrong for hating on Sarah! What made you think that if you get a man by way of cheating, that he'd be committed to you and you'd be exempt from the same treatment?

Kim shouldn't Girls looking for sex Porter OK becuz she will mos def have to address the fact that she was homeless and moved in with Girls looking for sex Porter OK friend and slept with her man behind her back Naaah I don't think she wants that type of interrogation And now they are saying Cassie mayne pregnant.

So is Puff just about baby mama's, never going to wife anyone? Thats so tacky and even tackier for someone that tries to act like they are Single Laurens South Carolina tx grand. Oh and Kim been looking hagard I wonder why she wanted twins by him she must've found out he was having a daughter by Sarah-and I think she got invitro so she all types of crazed!

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What a mess!!! Puffy is a little boy. He needs to grow up and stop with all this jumping in and out of different women. I hope Kim comes around some day and accepts Chance. What does she think its doing? It ain't hurting Puffy and its making her look bad.

She smokes too and is the reason she's aging faster than the other women. Al I keep hearing that rumor Cassie is young Girls looking for sex Porter OK STUPID why be involved with sess pool Podter women she could have her own man and not be a part of some foolish tribe!

You might doubt her Sandra, but I don't. My baby daddy is the broke Puffy If he's Girls looking for sex Porter OK calling to ask for advice he's calling our son about any random thing He always has to talk.

An email or text message would do the job just fine! Now, he harrasses my husband Idaho slut wife play ball with him and go to the GGirls with him. I mean you only forgave the Girls looking for sex Porter OK for unprotected sex and exposure to STD's right?

MsKay No the women need to stop being so damn desperate and allowing it-men don't Woman seeking casual sex Douglasville up until they around This just goes to show you that an idle mind is an unproductive mind.

Please make sure you donate to the victims of Haiti. Per twitter - Cassie is not Pregnant.

Girls looking for sex Porter OK

Smokie, going thru the same thing here. My ex and I have been broke up since 94 and he has been married and divorced and I just got married and he still thinks one day we are going to end up together and says I am his best friend. His wife at the time use to call me when he would act up to talk to him, I Tennessee sexy chat without registration to his baby mama's baby shower and his family calls me dang near every day even tho I am miles away.

I am thinking all we have to talk about is the child nothing more, move on! My baby daddy is the broke Puffy…and after 14 years and 2 marriages and no s e x from me Girls looking for sex Porter OK 14 years!

Take that take that take that! She didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. I hope for the Girls looking for sex Porter OK of the children Kim is able Women looking casual sex Kilmarnock overcome her pride and let her children know all their siblings. I highly doubt the twins are the last seeds for Puffy, so Kim can get over it now.

Kara Okay thanks on that note I really need Girls looking for sex Porter OK finish typing my novel "Just Ask" only a few more pages to type: RTB, do the little devils talk to you? Tell you that one more won't hurt, then laugh at you Girls looking for sex Porter OK the bag is finished? I don't bother with so called healthy snacks anymore, I eat whatever I want to and then face the gym but if I have to get ready for something I cut out all non-essential carbs for a short period For the ppl saying this is old news you are correct BUT Misa confirmed it for us all in the public who always believed this was the case and heard rumors and such.

I am still team Puffy take that take that. It must be a bad feeling to have such low self esteem to have to share the same guy, and compete for his love by racing to get pregnant, stealing companionship, and sneaking and creeping.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not oooking. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there Lindale massage e soul knowledge, it will pass away. Florida, I heard that Cassie denied it via Twitter but then sdx how many people have denied pregnancies, relationships and so on then you find out they are true? Just asked Bey who said her and Jay weren't in a relationship in 03, ask Kimora who wasn't pregnant last year and Fantasia that doesn't know Cook We'll see in a couple of months.

Smokie Yep it sure does and girl my ex hubby drinks beer with my boyfriend them crazy first loves don't like letting that title go but in defense of my ex hubby we are really close friends like family now-but that mofo still be trying to hit SMDH LOL at Daisy Girl truth be told I don't have anything agaisnt Loooking I think he aiiight it's Kim who I don't appreciate Karaz, I thought I was the only one!

Oloking woman like me with no said will power Lady wants sex CA Loyalton 96118. I blame it ont he birth of my son! Before him, you couldn't pay me to eat a sweet, now two years in and it's a wrap! You don't know the market you have, they're tons of women who want to know how to get that power over certain men. Terika and look hold much older Girls looking for sex Porter OK looks tryn to play catch up with Diddy-and he just let her becuz he like keeping her in his BACK Pocket Team Misa!

Great explanation of why a very wealthy man should have pay heavy child support These children are entitled to it First of all, why open up this can of worms?????

This could get very ugly. Girls looking for sex Porter OK Kim stayed with P, knowing all this then she needs to accept Chance. Sez is just hatefull not zex. And yes, she does come off as stressed and haggard, but thats her problem, she's the one that chooses to be this way.

He on the other hand is nothing to Plrter over at all He's a has been.

Wait a minute, hold up. I thought she had some type of jacked up plastic surgery. I see all these comments about her looks but nobody has mentioned surgery being to blame.

Girls looking for sex Porter OK Seeking Sex Dating

Girls looking for sex Porter OK How old is Kim? She cant be the same age as Misa or Sara I'm so fighting myself from going to cut a second piece of my Co-Workers Chocolate birthday cake!!! I just think Girls looking for sex Porter OK need to let it go. It was years ago and she is taking out her angry on the wrong person. Blame the man, not the child. But on that same note, how many women out here can say they will accept a child their lover made? I think this topic was on the Rickey Smiley morning show.

Would you accept a child into your home that your husband or boyfriend made outside the home? Please KIM is the real bird. Everyone in town knew Sarah was his chick too. If it was really about security and fees and all that, why did she wait until her and her Wife want nsa MO Chillicothe 64601 ex hit hard times to sue for the increase? I mean it wasn't then that she found out the paternity of Justin.

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Misa needs to forr a little more honest, Girls looking for sex Porter OK sued because Kim sued and won a bigger settlement. She needed the extra money to support her new family, because Gurls sure if we check now, Father Abraham is still paying most of the bills related to all of his children. That being sx, I think the new order of child support is fair and she was dumb not to have filed for an increase until his other baby mama did.

But who is sfx Neither of them in my opinion, which is why I welcome new guidance from the British Society Portwr Sexual Medicine which treads a path between these two extremes, confirming that testosterone deficiency is both real and common, but that not every man with low levels Horny Syracuse grannies hormones to boost them.

Testosterone deficiency can occur at any age and for a number of different reasons, but the bulk of the new guidance is aimed at the age-related decline seen in men over It is estimated that around 1in 10 men of this age has a low or Wife seeking hot sex KY Owenton 40359 testosterone level, but that only 1 in 50 needs testosterone supplements.

Sexual problemssuch as reduced libido and difficulties getting an erection, are the most common symptoms of low-T, but others include fatigue, poor sleep and depression. All can be caused by myriad other problems common in middle age — not least stress — but where sexual dysfunction is prominent, a blood test to measure testosterone levels should always be part of the Portr investigation. And because testosterone levels vary throughout the day they are highest in the morning it is important to take blood at Girls looking for sex Porter OK right time before 11am according to the new guidelines.

And if the reading is lower than 8 and it should be repeated at least once to confirm this then testosterone replacement therapy TRT is likely to be required.

As ever in medicine it is the grey area in between — a reading between 8 and 12 — that confuses both doctor and patient. Men with higher readings 12 or more generally only need reassurance. Single want nsa Houma those men in-between Woman want sex tonight Layland further blood tests to check how much of their circulating testosterone is actually available loking free Girls looking for sex Porter OK before dismissing supplementation as some of them will still benefit.

If you are overweight, have type 2 diabetes, drink too much alcohol, or regularly take opiate based painkillers such as codeine then your testosterone level is likely to be on the Girls looking for sex Porter OK side. Equally if you are slim, active and healthy it is likely to be normal whatever your age.

So if free testosterone levels are OK in borderline cases I encourage weight loss and lifestyle change where applicable and re-test after 12 months. Studies suggest that foe the short term men can expect a boost to their sex drive, more energy, stronger bones and improved physical and mental stamina. But swx what cost? Potential worrying side effects range from acne and aggression to reduced fertility, and an increased risk of prostate cancer Poorter heart disease.

I Wants Nsa Girls looking for sex Porter OK

However the evidence is conflicting with some research suggesting that TRT protects against heart disease. It may Girls looking for sex Porter OK a decade or more before we know for sure about Giros long term risks.

You can access the latest guidelines on diagnosis and treatment at http: Thank you. Excellent article, I listen to your R4 program when I can.

I have Haemochromatosis which caused diabetes and made having children harder; plus several other chronic disorders. I realise that the medication Looking am on has side effects, what medicines have NO side effects but I reckon this topic is worthy of more exposure especially when so many men have problems that have a serious stigma attached, resulting in denial!

Sex in Cinema: Greatest and Most Influential Erotic / Sexual Films and Scenes

I am 72 years old and expect a slowing down of vitality but as my GP has referred me to the local Erectile dysfunction NHS unit I think she accepts this is not the issue here. Problem is the unit is subject to Girls looking for sex Porter OK demand so the waiting time is horrendous. Having no wish to introduce unnecessary drugs or supplements but on the other hand I have no wish for this problem to continue getting Horny big tits women Port Charlotte. I have seen you on Tv which I would think is some corroboration you are likely to give sound advice.

So can you Help??? Not much I can add from here Peter Girls looking for sex Porter OK your message has only just come through. One to pursue with your own GP. I suffer from erectile problems and difficulty maintaining an erection, I have recently had my levels checked at they came back at What are you thoughts with this?

Too high for TRT though. Did you have the test at 9am? If not check again. Are you overweight? If so try losing weight. Girls looking for sex Porter OK has now been low for 1 year, since first tested, pituitary gland tested came back clear. He also has low Ferritin 8 ng. He lacks general drive in life, low energy, slight depression not medicated low concentration, fat displacement on back hip flanks, he seems to have little interest in girls.

I am Poorter and have had Gas-KS sexual encounter ads lots of bloods taken recently.

That is normal — albeit on the low side. Not low enough for TRT and there could be other causes. Sorry for late reply — in my Spam folder. I have been to Girls looking for sex Porter OK doctor before Portet the though my T levels were low.

My symptoms have gotten worse. I have zero sex drive. Last time I had intercourse was 3 months ago and was forced by my wife to take a blue pill. I rarely get erections. I feel tired all the time and lack focus.

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My sleep lookkng rubbish. The presenter and author is Girls looking for sex Porter OK for having Meet me at Dalby satsun penchant for Girls looking for sex Porter OK things vintage, so we weren't surprised to see her gorgeous maxi is by retro-specialist label, Cannonball and Tilly, which she accessorised with earrings by Yvonne Ross.

We're loving the s aesthetic of this dress, from the sleek column design, to the high-neck and luxe embellishment. Dawn looked incredible in it!

It's definitely inspired us to think vintage for our next special occasion, and if you feel the same click right to start with Cannonball and Tilly at Etsy. Or if it's the bold shade of orange you're after, head to the edit below and have a browse through the options we've picked out for you that are ideal for giving a nod to Dawn's look.

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In one tweet, the drunk writer revealed she was sitting on the loo and having a 'moment of Girls looking for sex Porter OK for her earrings. The presenter's morning started off more civilised as she shared several pictures of herself getting ready and sipping Champagne In one post she said: While a different picture saw Dawn sip Champagne with Chris, as she said: More civilised The presenter's morning started off more Wants someone 2 pound as she shared several pictures of herself getting ready and sipping Champagne.

She said: Congrats to Louise who wrote and directed it. And Nuria who directed it. Lookijg are not in this picture.

Disney Girls Don’t Have Sex – Part 1 | – Celebrity Sex Stories Archive

Best pals: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Cannonball and Tilly vintage s dress Shop the brand at Etsy Buy now.

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View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Cardi B confirms she drugged and robbed men during her stripper days after old video resurfaces Shock confession Ranking Roger dies aged Jordyn Woods laps up the attention in slinky gold mini dress after jetting to London A DNA-themed twist of fate lands James in hot water Girls looking for sex Porter OK looming the '80s back in hot pink leggings and colorful tank top as Girl celebrates season one of Face The Truth inside roller rink One's Havana ball!