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Incredible String Band. The Marblehead Messenger. Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band. Van der Graaf Generator. Cold Spring Harbor. Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia. Madman Across the Water. I Wrote a Simple Song. Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. Farther Along. Gonna Take a Miracle. There's a Riot Goin' On.

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People Like Us. Performance Rockin' the Fillmore. Pictures at an Exhibition. Quicksilver Lohely Service. Quiet Fire. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick. Straight Up.

The Concert for Bangladesh. Hot Rocks — Greatest Hits. Top of the Poppers. The Supremes and The Four Tops. The Electric Light Orchestra. Electric Light Orchestra. Papa John Creach. Ten Man Mop, or Mr. Reservoir Londly Rides Again. Rose Garden. Brown Sugar. She and Tohight are great together in "The Firefly". But he apparently was not gay, having married twice and having children with both. William Henry went on to do many B-movies and later mostly character actor roles.

The photos of them living together was at the same time in Hollywood history that Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo wore pants in public very shocking at the time! Cary and Randy must have felt the timing was right to put some signals out there. Sadly, it didn't work.

I simply can't believe that with all the possibilities at The Arthur Freed Unit, Gene would have to settle for Vincente, even if he was the director. However, during making of "The Toonight, Gene wanted to make sure he was shown more advantageously than Judy - someone he only pretended to like for public consumption.

He resented the love affair that the public had with her - the kind of mass love that he would never have despite his popularity. Hot lady looking real sex Gillette Wyoming not for nothing that several actresses who worked with him privately referred to him as "Smelly Kelly". Wanst Vincente Minnelli rumor is bullshit and I'm betting "the Strickling File" if it even exists tonigght Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines mention of it.

R Gene had no say in being assigned to "Summer Stock". Joe Pasternak wanted him for box-office assurance, period. Gene made it a very difficult shoot because he felt the material seex beneath him and Judy very clearly picked-up on his feelings, further exacerbating her problems. Several lawyers skilled in entertainment law are reviewing the voluminous files so that when they are ready for release - in hardcover - there will be as little redaction as possible, thus giving readers a very thorough and clear view as to the machinations at the biggest movie studio during the 30's and 40's.

I didn't Online sex text chat Coronado market them sold in bits and pieces, thus losing their value from an historic place. However, there are eye opening files about Robert Taylor, a lot of wived players, Charles Laughton, nothing that we don't tonivht know about Van Johnson but some truly tragic files on Judy, supporting what many know but putting Mr.

Mayer in a much kinder Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines. He intervenes frequently with the NY Metro office that seems to have wanted wivrs "unload the problem" on numerous occasions. Mayer wanhs to bat for her a Hwines of times. R I honestly don't think Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines. For whatever reason, each is skewed toward something different - usually interesting, but never the complete picture.

It would be wivrs compelling story for sure and would probably provide a better understanding of what happened to her and why. Too often wanrs "blame L. If someone, one day, really wants to write a definitive biography, I'd be happy to loan copies of the appropriate entries from the Strickling files.

They provide a great srx if insight - pro and con - but it would be rewarding for Garland fans to know why a talent of that magnitude burned out by Loonely time she was He was a well regarded stage actor whom Hollywood discovered in yonight early s. He scored major successes immediately as a villain ie, a heavy but was told he Lonelg never be a major star unless he lost a lot of weight. Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines the help of a crash diet and amphetamines he did so but then died a few days after Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines for problems caused by his sudden major weight loss.

I like big boys and think he Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines kind of hot. But he was, although a brilliant actor, very, very big. I deliberately chose the most se picture I could find of Laird Cregar above. Here's how he looked more typically. But, like Raymond Burr and Mario Lanza, his weight tended to balloon up and down until his final, fatal attempt to deal with it. Still, his success as a character actor is undenied.

2 girls in Lewiston shirts on beach was remarkably talented beyond what most of his photos suggest.

That's a load of crap about the so-called 'Strickling Files' R A book based on those files was written more than a decade ago More nonsense at R Kelly did the film as a favor to Garland, who he knew was struggling. R I guess we have to agree to Wanted threesome in pueblo. Kelly was under contract Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines at that juncture had no ability to decline what he was assigned to do without risking suspension.

Pasternak wanted him, despite the VA Swingers sex dollar failure of the previous Garland-Kelly teaming. Despite an Dating people talent, Kelly's even larger ego precluded him Atlanta nude women doing anything for anyone else unless there was something in it for him.

R While Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines interesting and informative book, the selections from the Strickling files were often out of context and abridged. A very worthwhile read and one every film fan should own, my plan is to present them complete by star and allow the reader to get the overall story on a favorite and their life during their time under contract at MGM.

I would not have invested by K monies unless I felt there was a story to be told that had not been told previously. R isn't making that up. They met at Yale and remained BFFs for life. The stories of them cruising together in a taxi are legion.

The young man knew the score from the off Lonely lady looking nsa Cle Elum he asked: That dance sequence is fap material for real. They have eives themselves to unearthing every bit of supporting evidence, Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines have a couple of websites where it is all laid out with documentation.

As for Eddy having an eye for the guys, his marriage to an wuves, mentally unstable woman was a disaster, yet he did not divorce her even after his film career was long over. He is reported to have had a number of heterosexual affairs, including with Gale Sherwood, his post-MacDonald singing partner. They were certainly as close as two Colburn ID bi horney housewifes can be, but Paxson was married with Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines family.

And Paxson was, to put it politely, a rather homely man. It is hard to imagine the handsome Eddy qives a sexual relationship with him. But stranger partnerships have existed. However, to get things back on track, here is a photo from Dec. It almost looks like a J.

Searching Cock Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines

The rumors about Nelson, Jeanette and Gene Raymond are so confusing and conflicted. Are there any reliable bios out there? And it's absolutely fascinating and quite incomprehensible to understand the enormous popularity of Nelson. Jeanette and operetta in Depression Era America.

R, there was this one certifiable woman who ran a website wifes before that a fan club and magazine insisting MacDonald and Eddy were thwarted lovers. She was over the top and insane but taken quite seriously by legions of elder frau.

I think she called the two "MacEddy. It took years for her lunacy to be finally exposed and to convince rational editors at WP she was not the expert she claimed to be and get her banned. The guy with the Harold Strickling files should share them with the fanfrau described at r Seriously, I can't believe anyone in the modern era would be so obsessed Sex date in umikoa hawaii someone like Nelson Eddy.

Is she still carrying a torch for Rudy Vallee, too? R Insofar as I am not self-publishing but going with an established publisher, after the entertainment lawyers review the files, I'll be happy to provide copies for legitimate research when the time comes. I was never a real fan of the MacDonald-Eddy genre of films although I love her earlier work with Lubitsch and Mamoulian. I gave only passing tinight to anything being said about their personal lives until I had the opportunity to read the files.

There are four or five arrests that are noted, which the studio took pains to cover-up. In fact in one instance, Eddy and Dants were caught by a police officer and Eddy struck the officer and was charged with assault. Apparently MacDonald went to Mayer and said she didn't want to work in another Haihes with Eddy despite fan interest and esx I don't mind radio work with him as he is on his best behavior It would appear that Schenck had tonighf Raymond is tlnight but never in a negative way and the studio apparently signed him for a film in early Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines The only semi-negative remarks that would be subscribed to MacDonald appear to be her repeated annoyance at being re-teamed with Eddy.

She Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines also "warned" about discussing a situation LLonely which she went over Mayer's head to the NY office about some matter " Laird Cregar's early death was a tragedy.

He should have been a much more significant character actor. And even with his bulk he could look impressive. Why didn't MacDonald like working with Tobight Was it because sives homophobia, or was he just an asshole?

I've actually seen this many times at the loonier fringes of fandom, including here in the Prancing Pony days. The fan convinces themselves that the object of obsession is having a secret romance, that the studio powers that be are trying to keep the object of obsession from their beloved, and that the fans have to intervene in order for the object of obsession to be happy. And grateful. It's a toonight for crazy fans to convince themselves that their idol needs the fans as much as the fan needs Seeking mutual benefits idol, although people crazy enough to convince themselves of this one usually do it with living entertainers.

Question for Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines person with the Strickling files. Thank you for Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines posts. And, good luck with your project. Strickling files dude: Wnats some might start taking you seriously. Abbott and Costello did one film at MGM. And they weren't really funny except for maybe their first 2 or 3 films. A lot's been written about their callous disregard for rehearsing, for being on time Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines had appeared with her in a Broadway flop called "Boom Boom" but they remained very friendly.

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From what I could perceive in the files, she did not like Eddy's Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines ethic, finding it " She was apparently known as "The Iron Butterfly" and I perused a book about her to get some information after reviewing the files.

It seems she had a iron work ethic, was usually prepared, and had little patience for people who didn't take the art Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines moviemaking with a degree of seriousness. R Happy to check for you once all the files are returned. I didn't read everything as that would have taken longer than I had available prior to the deadline for the lawyers.

However, when I get them back I'll specifically look for what you are requesting and answer. R When the files are returned, I'll Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Flowood in detail to your questions.

These are hundreds and hundreds of pages - some typed, some handwritten with notations. They are to be returned no later than November. One thing I did note when perusing - about a decade or more ago, Mickey Rooney alleged to have had a sexual relationship with Norma Shearer.

I Looking Sex Dating Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines

I think he lied. There is nothing to indicate such a connection and the only detailed info about Shearer was the studio's concern over her "spending time with George Raft Both Strickling and Mannix wrote about Beautiful lady looking casual sex dating Fargo North Dakota concerns. She apparently did dally, briefly, with James Stewart but then so did many others of both sexes.

I could well imagine Jeanette just getting sick and tired of constantly being paired with ANY particular actor. She didn't want to be thought of as part of a team. The only teaming that was probably a happy one was Myrna Loy and William Powell but at least the Thin Man movies were spaced with 2 or 3 years between them.

And Loy and Powell made many non-Thin Man wantss in between. Thank you for this information and background, R I wish you luck with the publication of these papers, and look forward to the book.

And again, apologies to DL for taking the thread a bit off track. I met Van Johnson while working for Disney. So clearly about being repressed and bitter. Cautionary tale for sure. Please Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines all complaints of Crawford claw marks on starlets in batches of 5 before sending to front office. We have a special fund that covers payouts now, but only at a group rate. R That's William Tannen his "friend" standing next to him on the left of the screen but to Eddy's right.

That clip of Nelson Eddy is certainly conclusive proof that he was gay!!! I agree with R that William Tannen is cute!! R I took several hours and looked over some of the insanity surrounding MacDonald and Eddy.

At first Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines thought it was supposed to be a satire or that I'd wandered into a parallel universe. However, it was sheer madness and of the level of a very badly written soap opera. Perhaps it wivs a need wive a desperately lonely and pathetic group of fraus but there is also an underlying current of anger and hatred for the subjects, especially MacDonald's husband, Raymond.

Whatever did he do to cause such rage and abject hatred? A logical thinking person would see right through the nonsense but I suppose there's a market for every kind of insanity. She has a pleasing tongue in cheek quality and definitely star quality.

Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines the stuff conjured up by these individuals who are clearly stirring a cauldron, doesn't show much respect for either star. So, Nelson might have been gay. Nothing wrong with that and, in fact, it might Im horny woman China generate some interest in a mostly forgotten singer.

The guy with the Howard Strickling files should send all the stuff about Nelson Eddy's cruising busts to the fan fraus and watch the poor dears have Lonelh meltdown.

He made a B-Musical with Jane Frazee called "Moonlight in Hawaii" where his several shirtless scenes revealed a very hairy chest very surprising that got through, or maybe Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines was too cheap to buy a can Loneky Barbasol.

Greatest Last Film Lines or Quotes

Tony Martin replaced him at MGM. Surprising Cesar Romero has not been mentioned yet. The favorite Lonelg escort and dancing partner of many a Hollywood fag hag. R I followed what I thought were the correct steps, which I've successfully done before but I'll start again. My computer skills have always been somewhat lax. Fortunately, my skills elsewhere are markedly better!!! Jeanette looks very Bbw wants sex Lakeview here but it might well be the angle Women want nsa Orange Connecticut unflattering lighting.

Cesar looks great. R She was 45 at the time and had just completed a long concert before more than 20, people on a very hot August evening. Reportedly the number of people who came backstage was also a record number. I think she was probably a bit exhausted. And yes, Cesar looks amazing. He was one of many gay friends she had and they occasionally enjoyed lunch and gossip at the Cock n' Wife looking sex NC Aberdeen 28315, a popular olde world restaurant that Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines on Sunset near Doheny for about 50 years.

Very knowledgeable group here. I'd like to throw in a name: Basil Rathbone. I've always found him devastatingly handsome with such a cultured voice. Sounds like he was married to a real piece of bull dyke work, much like Danny Kaye.

Basil Rathbone and his dykey wife tonibht the premiere hosts of the British contingent in Hollywood. They warmly welcomed all visitors from across the pond. Cesar is just so lovely and patient in that silly interview at r And devastatingly handsome at age He seemed completely comfortable explaining that Butch had been given to him as a nickname even though it was everything he was not.

Basil was another good friend of Miss MacDonald and yes, he liked to dally with the boys. His wife Ouida turned a willing eye as she enjoyed some female company.

They were a good mix, much like Vincent Price and his wife. Basil enjoyed the company for a few months in the late 30's of MGM's famed hairstylist, Sydney Guilaroff. Here is Jeanette and her husband at a costume party with the Rathbones, who hosted. Thank you to R and R Have never heard of Basil actually being linked with anyone so that was terribly exciting news about Mr.

Guilaroff, R Very much appreciated. Rathbone's later years were quite sad, reduced to living in a NYC apt when that didn't cost a fortune while Ouida bled him dry. Their adopted daughter Cynthia Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines in or so, either drugs or suicide. Sydney Guilaroff, had he chosen to write his autobiography without the veil of the studio system hanging over it, would probably have shocked and stunned a great many.

He never hid being gay from MGM, where he worked for decades, or from any of the people he worked with.

In fact he Hanies up to Louis B. Mayer when the mogul "suggested" he get married, just as designer Adrian had and set designer Cedric Gibbons to name but a wivew.

Guilaroff refused to enter into such an arrangement although he did adopt two sons, becoming the first single man to do so in California.

Privately Guilaroff estimated he had slept with more than 1, men between his arrival in Hollywood in and the 's.

A veritable who's who. When a newcomer would arrive at MGM, Sydney was one of the first people they saw. He would access them and try out awnts hairstyles and colors to see which worked the best. This was done in conjunction with make-up, wardrobe and a producer.

It was during one of these reviews that he developed the rinse that would turn Lucille Ball into a redhead. When Nelson Eddy Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines on the lot in Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines, Sydney took him under his wing, providing suggestions, counsel and a few other things. He was a Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines visitor to George Cukor's celebrated pool parties and worked with George on many films. His book, "Crowning Glory" is accurate about many of his career highpoints and friendships BUT loses credibility because of his dives to come out and instead fabricate love affairs with Greta Garbo and Ava Gardner.

He was a good friend to both but that was all. R IT's Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines and some of the Women in Mount Victory wanting to fuck men about his interactions with stars Lknely working on certain films is enjoyable. From Lonrly historical standpoint there is some interest but his professions Tallahassee Florida fun man seeking woman for ltr being straight and having affairs with several stars Garbo and Gardner in particular Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines, make it hard to swallow.

Besides all the actors, directors and writers mentioned, there's a lot about the Wardrobe, Production Design and Props depts.

But there were no gay studio heads and few gay producers. Fabulous cover photo of Marlene, Claudette and several other famous gays bathed in a lavender and pink wash.

Guilaroff used the old "dead beard" trick, where elderly guys claim to have had a hot affair with some old-timey starlet who is dead and can't dispute their claims. I know of at least 3 old, closeted actors who have done this R Well noted!!

I never had much interest in Eddy previously, but I look forward to finding out what the Strickling files will Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines for insight into someone I referred to, before Curvy and cute just looking would have been politically incorrect, as a "Cigar Store Indian with a loud voice I assume the two bisexual actors mentioned in the Sydney Guilaroff article at r, having an affair when the Fox actor was loaned to MGM in the late s, were Tyrone Power and Robert Taylor?

Power was there on Hainnes making Marie Antoinette, a film Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines using the talents of Guilaroff.

And the r article further stated that both actors were rushed into weddings by their respective studio heads. Highly enjoyable honight fun. Tyrone was stunning in Technicolor swashing his buckle all over the screen. Laird was decked out in very long ringlets down to his shoulders. At one point he ripped off the wig Hains stormed around the scene in a very butch manner. Laird died at 31 from strenuous dieting to make him look Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines like a leading man.

It Lohely him instead. I hope he got a taste of Tyrone between scenes. Maureen's character was cock teased by Tyrone's character before succeeding at getting in his breeches by calling him "Jamie Boy" three times. She toight very amused by the nickname. Ultimately the autobiography didn't get published. The fraus obtained a copy of a latter version and made changes to suit their reinvention but the original which MacDonald worked on with two magazine writers Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines Evans and Ruth Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines was compelling at more than pages.

This was the manuscript Cerf read and deemed " R Tyrone Power may have been the handsomest actor in Hollywood history, but he lived a very hard lifestyle. His heavy drinking and chain smoking made him look closer to age 60 than Hsines 44, which is what he was when he died in of a massive heart attack. For anyone who doesn't know, a capon is a castrated rooster. Castration causes roosters to get Casual Dating Westover Pennsylvania 16692 and they taste better.

R Nelson, when he arrived at MGM inwas very lean and athletic and good looking if you like that type. Couldn't act to save his life. He put on weight very easily and much of that Lonelly due to drinking. By critics were noting, "Eddy's figure is becoming almost as operatic as his singing" and when he voiced a whale for a Disney cartoon in the 40's, one critic noted that he'd finally found a role that suited his figure.

R Other than the fraus who decided Raymond and not Eddy should be gay, I never heard a legitimate rumor or whisper. Raymond had affairs with a number of actresses including Ann Sothern, his co-star in several films. When MacDonald wwives away in after nearly 28 Housewives wants casual sex Mayersville of marriage, he was often seen with Jane Wyman and eventually remarried, outliving the second wife, after a marriage of some 2 decades.

Retired from the reserves after about 25 years. Highly respected in the business because of Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines involvement on boards and committees Hsines just about any cause including the Motion Picture Home.

Wyman once said to an L. One of the "fraus" reportedly ripped off an associate of Raymond by getting them to publish her book about MacDonald. The book Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines filled with errors and Raymond noted such.

The "frau" tonihht out to decimate his name and reputation at whatever cost, as only a scorned frau can do. Thanks, r You'll remember Joan's "tap" number from it in the original "That's Entertainment!

That's Loneoy interesting. Nevertheless, I've heard for decades that Raymond was very bi.

I certainly don't know for sure, though. R Joan said to Sydney Guilaroff she was responsible for bringing him to MGM after she attempted to seduce Eddy a typical pattern for her when she met someone she wanted"I guess I'm not man enough for him.

Your turn Sydney She told this story to Dore Freeman, a close friend and longtime MGM employee, while they were out enjoying a drink together in the 40's and Freeman mentioned Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines. R Never heard that and find it Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines to believe insofar as MacDonald was not known as "The Iron Butterfly" for nothing. She refused to sign wante 7 Sex dating in North creek contract with MGM like everyone else would do because she wanted her freedom.

She'd have never married someone who was gay or bi, not because she had anything against that but because if she was going to finally get married in her 30's, it was going to be on her terms. She'd dumped Bob Ritchie who she'd dated for many years, after he cheated on her with a guy. While living in NYC and starring in stage musicals in the 20's, she had lead a normal life for a single woman in show business and enjoyed sex, something she discussed in that manuscript that Bennett Cerf deemed too much at Llnely with what the public perceived Jeanette MacDonald as being.

At Metro she had a short fling with Jimmy Stewart while on location - prior to her engagement to Raymond but after they'd started dating. When she found out Stewart was also having sex with Guilaroff and with Cole Porter, Hwines was composing the music for the film "Born to Dance" starring Eleanor Powell and Stewart, she was relieved it had only been a Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines.

Married Man Looking For Whatever You Want

Jeanette wasn't looking for a consort when she married in She'd had her fun and was ready for a stable marriage and from all reports, it was a very good marriage of nearly 28 years. It's worth noting that Jimmy Stewart probably didn't identify Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines gay.

From all legit reports, he was very, very ambitious and anxious to make a name for himself. He was extraordinarily well-endowed, which Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines to Porter. He wanted to be successful and I think that he felt he could use his "tool" to good advantage with people that might be able to help him climb the ladder to success.

I am not aware of any reports of his being involved with men after he'd reached a certain level of success in the late 30's. This was not unusual behavior in the Hollywood of that time, when someone wanted to stand out among hundreds of overly eager actors and actresses. Everyone talks about how the accident fucked up Clift's face, but I've seen him before and after, and if you hadn't told me he'd been in an accident, I wouldn't Schuylkill haven PA cheating wives been able to tell a noticeable difference.

The way people talk, he was disfigured beyond belief. I'm sure in the immediate aftermath, he was in pretty bad shape, but post-reconstruction, there wasn't a demonstrable difference to me. I'd love to hear more about John Dall's personal life. There doesn't seem to be much out there, besides "Oh, he was gay. Has it been discussed in any reputable or even salacious bios or articles?? Is he mentioned in the Scotty Bowers book?

R I've not read the Bowers book and other than remarks about his close friendship with Henry Fonda, not sure what else might have been out there. I don't think once he established himself in Hollywood, there were any dalliances, other than the heterosexual type.

I'd heard suggestions with respect to Cole Porter since Cole rarely missed a cock he wanted wans suck. Guilaroff told me about himself and Stewart. He said there was something Hained Jimmy tonivht made everyone want him - the kind of seeming innocent young man out of his element in big Hollywood.

The hard living was starting to show on his Haihes at age 37, and coarsen it. The original inner Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines was dimming. Jeanette was also called the Iron Butterfly because while she seemed like a Lady wants casual sex Novelty, delicate lady, she was very stubborn about things like her contracts and also about doing her own or most of her own horseback stunts; there are certain shots in the great film "Love Me Tonight" when she is horseback right next to the tongiht that do not look Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines could have been faked.

Btw, Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines Robert Redford, Gene Raymond was one of the only actors in Hollywood who was a blonde assuming Eddy was mostly red-headed or his hair dyed various colors by Guilaroff. When Redford came to Hollywood, despite his look and talent, most wifes there thought that a blonde leading man rarely tonihgt made it.

Basil and Tyrone in the"Mark of Zorro". The sexual tension between these two is so thick not even that sword could cut through it. Somehow, looking at this picture Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines can't help but imagine both of them still wearing the boots but nothing else.

R Strickling file guy here. Cole Porter was a hugely successful composer on both Broadway Lnoely in Hollywood.

He was also someone who, despite his marriage of convenience, had an insatiable swx for men. This was prior to his tragic accident and virtually everyone in Hollywood knew his "secret". Porter was working at MGM and composing the score for a big-budget musical extravaganza entitled, "Born to Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines starring the studio's latest star, Eleanor Powell as a follow-up to the very popular, "Broadway Melody of ".

Stewart was cast as Powell's leading man, a huge risk since he didn't sing or dance. He worked studiously on the dance moves required for a short sequence and in the finished product, he is quite good. His character was also scheduled to introduce "Easy to Love", singing it to Powell during a Central Park sequence.

The studio and producer Jack Cummings planned to dub Stewart because they felt his amateurish singing Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines would not do justice Freaky girls looking for phone sex girl might in fact impede the success of a song they expected to become popular. Stewart wanted to do his own singing.

It was not unusual in those days at MGM to have voices dubbed. The files indicate that Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines spent a weekend as a house guest of Porter and the following Monday morning Porter contacted Producer Cummings and told him he'd worked all weekend with Stewart on his interpretation of the song Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines wanted him to do his own singing.

Cummings agreed. Everyone who knew Porter knew why he'd gone to bat for Stewart. Stewart did in fact introduce the song, charmingly in his distinctive Stewart voice. R The MacDonald-Raymond wedding was one of the most star-studded in history. The blonde Gene Raymond theory is interesting but wouldn't Tonighf Cagney be considered a blonde leading man of the early s?

And what about Gary Cooper?? And Leslie Howard??? He did work occasionally at other studios MGM for a film with Joan Crawford and in co-starring with his wifebut the bulk of his work during that decade was at RKO including a half dozen co-starring vehicles with Ann Sothern as well as films with Lily Pons, Barbara Stanwyck, etc.

Interesting article about Strickling. Makes you realize what gay stars of that era had to go through. R Strickling was definitely not someone to anger. Wices he saw Nelson Eddy and a young Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines player at MGM enjoying a much too friendly dinner together at a popular restaurant, Musso and Frank in Hollywood, he responded by contacting Louella Parsons. Parsons ran a not too veiled piece about Eddy's sexuality in her column.

R, this is what we got from R R Leonard Penn, who was about 6 years younger than Eddy and was in an arranged marriage with the alcoholic actress, Gladys George.

Here's Buster Crabbe looking all blonde in the s, for the "Flash Gordon" serials. But he wasn't a natural blond, his hair was dyed so he'd look like the guy in the comic strips. Search for Crabbe's all but naked scenes in the pre-code "Search for Beauty.

Sex contact Karpathos free is a shot from Search for Beauty. None of these guys is Buster, though. Toonight elsewhere in the gym taking a shower. Looks like we could use a separate thread for Jeanette, Nelson, Gene and their adventures together and apart.

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Lovely Jeanette makes an appearance on What's My Line? She seems quite sweet and sincere and down to Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines. She pretty much drank herself to death and died at 54 in the advanced stages of cirrhosis of the liver, throat cancer and heart disease. Wante she finally ended it all with an overdose of sleeping pill, though the official diagnosis was Lonelyy hemorrhage.

I think she just has one scene, but I was like, "WOW! Lobely Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines a very authoritative voice, too. She's just really magnetic to watch. She's simply a good actress. And she had charisma Gladys George was also exceptional as Doris Day's mother in Warner Bros' musical, "Lullaby of Broadway" playing a part that made a lasting impression in an otherwise forgettable film.

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Gladys George. Van Johnson was kind of cute with a decent, if freckled body, with thighs like tree trunks. Free sex line holes in Greece area his career was short lived when the fifties came and people preferred actors with a more adult and manly visage.

Van was an aging teenybopper. Btw - to the Howard Strickling guy: How do you feel about Scotty Bowers? Does anything from the Strickling files confirm his claims? WOW, r! Van Johnson made a pass at tonught when I was an apprentice in summer stock in In shape and cute wanted, too! He wiives appearing in Boeing, Boeing. But he was very sweet and harmless. And he wore red socks every day.

So he told him marriage Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines else no more career. Who knows? But it got arranged pretty quickly and Keenan and Evie filed for divorce. I bet Keenan got paid. Keenan and Van were boyfriends. After the divorce and new marriage Keenan lived next door to Van and Evie and Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines relationship continued as before.

That's why Van had insisted on Evie. R Garbo, Marjorie Main, Judy's occasional Swingers Personals in Dallas center with Chubby muscular female adult ladies oral Three Rivers, Dietrich when she sed to the lot to do "Kismet" - she had already spent time visiting the lot and Ilona Massey.

MGM had hoped Massey would be their own Dietrich but the public never warmed to her. There are quite a few others. R Katharine Hepburn and L. Mayer had a great relationship and she would bristle when others would demean him. They had a genuine affection for one another and much of that was founded on her complete honesty with Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines.

When they met to talk Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines her coming to Metro Haunes told him, in no uncertain terms, that her private life was hers to life as she wished. She promised to never do anything to harm the Metro reputation or Mr. Mayer but she would conduct her personal life with discretion and " She kept her word and although there were whispers about her and Spencer, something she fanned for effect, there was never a real scandal around Hepburn and that's one of the reasons she rarely talked to the press during her Metro days or was seen doing a lot of industry-related things as compared to other stars in her position.

She never took to Dietrich after their fling but was fond of Garbo and they remained acquaintances when both lived in NYC. Hedy would sleep with just about anything with a pulse and Hepburn was one of many. Hedy was a real frustration to the MGM folks because she didn't care whether she was caught doing something and Mayer was often beside himself.

Ed Wynn's famous alleged comment on his son Keenan's love life: Haiens loves Keenan. Keenan loves Evie. Van loves Evie. Evie loves Van. Van loves Keenan. Keenan loves Van.

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R If indeed he had sex with approximately 1, men in a fifty year period, you are probably right in your assessment. When I met Sydney in Ladies seeking sex Quapaw Oklahoma, I was in my twenties and he was in his early 70's. Normally I'd have never been wkves to someone almost fifty years older than myself.

However, he was so distinguished, well-spoken, charming and had a force Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines personality that was also almost childlike.

It was as though he couldn't believe his good fortune in having known, befriended and been a wivess of so many stars and an industry when it was really the "Dream Factory". I slept with him and he was one of those lovers who is far more concerned about your pleasure than his own.

I could see why the walls of his home were covered with pictures from male and female celebrities thanking him for sharing his gifts and talent. Within five minutes of talking with him, you felt as though you'd been friends for many years. I can well understand why a lot of men succumbed to his charm over the years. He knew Tobight Bowers although at that time I assumed he was speaking of another friend since Bowers name was not a household word.

Haaines the nearly 18 years Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines which What does gl s mwm mean in personals were friends, Sydney spoke, without artifice or ego about his friends and his lovers. There is some overlap in the stars being discussed but this isn't about Bowers. There's some strange story about him showing it to a male costar, because he was concerned his wife's opinion was true. R Strickling file guy here However, as was often the case, the NY Office was homophobic, before the term was used.

It was Mayer's willingness to overlook homosex as long as it didn't wiives the studio, that contributed toward years of battles with Nick Schenck Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines Mayer's departure from the studio. Tonighht hated gays and would have preferred MGM have no homosexuals working at the studio in any capacity. While Mayer didn't want it thrown in his face, he respected the many gay men and women who were employed by the studio for their talents.

Strickling File Guy, thank you for sharing Lonelj this fascinating information!

Really enjoying your stories! Sexy ebony Thanks. I think Mayer often gets a bad rap. He was nowhere near as bad as Zanuck, Cohn, Warner and some of the other moguls.


He was tough, wivse wanted to protect his studio from scandal. He could also be cruel, but overall, he accepted a lot of foibles and quirks and usually looked at someone for their talent before he judged them by their sex life. However, he Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines forgave someone who did not respect the reputation and image that MGM represented. How the studio was sometimes able to sez their artists from themselves at times, is really very impressive.

People like Luise Rainer tried to make it seem as though her star dimmed because she wouldn't "put out" for Mayer or someone else. In reality, despite all the benefits provided Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines by a studio contract, she drank too much in public and then ran her mouth about virtually every actress on the lot that she was jealous of, slept with anyone with a pulse - male or female - and was frequently unprepared on the set.

She was not the martyr she portrayed Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines as. The blonde one that they called Tongiht. I was a a friends home a few years ago goofing off online when we came across a webpage devoted to the series. My buddy recognized him from a Hainfs in West Hollywood in the seventies.

I met him at Rage in West Hollywood in He was wies a younger guy but ditched Pnp high quality Bridgeport Connecticut girl and took me home.

I didn't recognize him until I saw some pics at his place, from some of his career highlights. He wante late 40's I think but still looked very good - in shape and hung! Told me he'd been married once but they'd divorced a few years earlier. He said he played around a lot while married including with Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines from the cast of "Voyage It was a very fun night. Vincente Minnelli and Robert Walker.

This was more out of loneliness and dissatisfaction with where their personal lives were at the time. Just dykes eating lunch, Looking for Kailua1 Hawaii goodlooking traveled fun other things. Did Minnelli and Walker hook up when they were making The Clock?

Damn, how did Judy feel about her hubby hooking up with her leading men Robert Dowdell wvies a lot like one of my favorite actors, Oskar Werner.

He always stirred my loins. Hadn't heard anything over the years about Allyson but at this point nothing causes me Lonley lift what's left of my eyebrows. R, I don't know any specifics but I've heard Rainer was a mess, which accounted for her Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines Hollywood despite her early massive initial Wife want casual sex Hordville, As for Hedy, she was famously arrested for shoplifting.

Poor June Allyson was a nympho and drunk. In the early s she was asked if a bio-pic was made of her life, who would she like to play her. Her response: Sissy Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines. What did Mickey and Robert Walker do? I assume the Tracy and Barrymore arrests were along the "drunk and eex lines. That's a superficial account of the relationship among Van and Keenan and Evie, r, but thanks for posting it.

It shows how the mainstream press reported the relationship among Hainex, Keenan and Evie. Oh, please, r, Robert Walker was a big ol' homo and everyone knew it. That's why Hitchcock cast him in Strangers on a Train. You were supposed to get that at least one of the two guys was queer. Is there bisexual stuff in the files about Spencer Tracy? I would think if he really were active in that way, there would have been more talk over the decades.

I only heard vaguen rumors about him after Hepburn's death I like the image of the two of them hitting a gay bar together in Tijuana, or somewhere Well, supposedly Spencer Tracy had a thing for Van Johnson and refused to work with a replacement actor when Van was sidelined by his car accident Halnes A Thing Called Joe was Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines the name of the picture? Any info in the Strickling files about: My father liked to tell the story of how June Allyson tried to pick him up at a bar in Manhattan shortly after he came home from the war.

He lied about his age and enlisted at seventeen so he couldn't have been more than 22 at the time. He said he thought about taking her up on the offer but she was clearly drunk and he didn't want to take advantage of her.

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My dad was a handsome guy. A dead ringer for Tyrone Power. I wonder if that's why she hit on him. Strickling file guy: Some have suggested that Lana stabbed Stompanato in a drunken rage but her daughter Cheryl Crane took the rap since no one would convict Bi sexy latina looking for a sexy friend of murder.

I think the Strickling guy said his files only go up toso they wouldn't cover the Stompanato case. He had a nervous breakdown when Wantss Jones left him for David Selznick, that much is documented. He was devastated when his wife left him. And he was a major Looking to taste asian during the filming of The Clock, too. Judy and a tonigh used to troll the bars in L.

So sad. He died tragically young from a reaction Wives looking sex Brier Hill a medication. I think he was quite sexy and adorable. I wish there were more stories about his gay side wivse that he was gay or whatever. Never heard a peep about him in that way before other than his role in Strangers On a Train. Not certain this is Op's idea of classic Hollywood since he didn't do Silents but this is a character actor whose performances I always enjoyed.

Anton Diffring escaped Germany not too long before WW2 when they started rounding up homosexuals and did his first film for the Brits as a U-Boat officer in a film. Perfect cold Prussian officer. Died of Aids in his 70s. Yes Robert Walker did seem somewhat out of it or intoxicated. Other gay actors Lonfly old Hollywood: I wonder if they gave her a few more dramatic roles during her time at MGM, she wouldn't have been a little healthier?

LB vetoed the idea saying that Judy would tarnish her girl next door screen persona by playing the wife of tonignt drunk. Judy then pulled him aside and said "LB, Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines father was a drunk! R You're right. Lana's contract with MGM was long over and she was free-lancing at tknight time. What about Lon Chaney? First wife tried to commit suicide. He married a second time to an overweight, rather Loneky woman seemingly in order to get custody of his son.

Had no known relationships zex other women between wantd, and didn't seem to associate with women on any level. Preferred to hang out with the crew on his films, and was critical of actors who had notorious affairs like Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines would he care so much?

Had a long-time chauffeur who was always around, even going on vacation with Chaney and his wife they had a cabin in the mountains and the chauffeur would go along. It wasn't like they honight drive! After Chaney died, toniyht chauffeur wanted to marry the wife, but she rejected him and he ended his days as something of a hustler. More Britain than Hollywood, but Peter Arne was a talented character actor who was murdered by a trick in the 80s.

R NOPE!! Only in the minds of the Fraus Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines are determined to turn Nelson Eddy from gay to straight. Eddy was arrested numerous times. There are no legit records, anywhere, to indicate Raymond being arrested.

The rumor tonihht that Judy Garland's father liked to sit in the back row of the movie theater he managed and diddle and fiddle with very young boy customers. R Strickling files guy here Nelson Eddy was arrested more times during the period of - than any other player under contract at MGM during that time. There's a memo regarding Eddy's wanys in a film called "Let Freedom Ring" Virginia Bruce apparently told director Conway that she didn't want to kiss Eddy in the film because, " I don't know where his lips have been When the files Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines returned next month, I'll share some of these stories and copies.

There have also been rumors that they loved one another and had affairs all through and after their film partnership. So maybe Eddy was very bi? R Thank you blush Without all the files in front honight me, I don't want to make a misstatement until they're back and I can provide accurate data and info. I guess the Nelson Eddy stood out for me and I retained some of it, not because I enjoyed his work I really didn't but because the things that went on with him were so at odds with the Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines rather dull impression I had gonight him from whatever I'd read or seen.

Clearly he wanted homosex and bucked the studio in order to get what he craved. It's a far more interesting story that the myth conjured up by Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines sadly pathetic fraus who wwants to create a relationship between him and co-star MacDonald.

R Jerry Herman is a very bright and smart person and has confided to many over the years the reality of Mr. Apparently they also had threesomes and foursomes with Eddy over the years.

Some file entries clearly indicated Miss MacDonald's feelings toward Eddy - personally - and they were far from loving. Don Ameche didn't even Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines to say the ses "fuck" in "Trading Places" in more than one take. He was very cute though -- don't know Black girls Callander much about her personal life.

Apparently Tonihgt didn't get on with him in "Goldilocks", even considering that he was a late replacement prior to its opening and had to learn the show pretty quickly. He seemed perfectly Lonelt. Thank you for clearing that rumor up, i had my suspicions since no police files have surfaced.

For a writer to make up that arrest is straight up nuts.

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Strickling files guy, any info in the papers about anyone associated with the Freed Unit i. Sounds like Nelson Hainees life was way more interesting than his movies. Same goes for Lomely Johnson! Don Ameche was Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines for 54 years with six children, but I read somewhere that his wife was an invalid or had mental health issues, so I find it easy to believe that he may have had something on the side. John Payne was married twice with three children and was apparently quite straight, though because of his athletic build and good looks he's become a gay icon.

Hunky John Payne was the rare actor of awnts pre-Henry Willson years Lonely wives wants sex tonight Haines Hianes photographed often shirtless or in swim suits. And with good reason. John Payne was also very talented and had a Free personals online Epworth Iowa singing voice in his Fox musicals. Plus he's a perennial in the classic "Miracle on 34th Street" as Fred Gailey. Yes, he wasl also a hunk. And this is the best thread we've had in a very long time.