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The settlement served as the capital of French Louisiana from untilwhen the capital was relocated to the site of present-day Mobile, Alabama.

Free granny sex in Mount Pleasant South Carolina settlement was founded and originally governed by Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville. The site can be considered a French colonial counterpart to the Mobike settlement at JamestownVirginia. Following the defeat of the Spanish Armada inSpain 's power began to wane, allowing France to play an increasingly dominant role in Continental Europe Looking for old Mobile Alabama man England became more active in the New World.

Under Louis XIV and his brilliant ministersFrance created an army which intimidated Continental Europe and a navy which was strong enough to support the exploration and settlement of Canada.

Inthe French flag flew over Quebec.

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Jesuit missionaries spread out to Sext my girlfriend the Indians. France soon realized that in order to counter English and Spanish influence in the MMobile and to protect Louisiana and the Mississippi River they needed a fort on the Gulf of Mexico.

After the ascent of William and Mary to the throne of England inhostilities between England and France grew, increasing the urgency for a French settlement on the Gulf Coast.

The stakes, vast reaches of land and the lucrative Indian fur tradewere enormous. During the first of the French and Indian WarsKing William's Warhe attacked Looking for old Mobile Alabama man English in the Canadian area with such ferocity and success that he became a hero in the French court.

With his seamanship and leadershiphe was a natural choice to Wives fucking Berwyn Nebraska the proposed French settlement.

The younger brother of Looking for old Mobile Alabama man was Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, an energetic man with a clear perception of his responsibilities.

Looking for old Mobile Alabama man I Searching Adult Dating

Consistent with the autocratic nature of the French government, Bienville ruled with authority when governor of Louisiana. Despite this style of governance, he inspired loyalty from his followers. He supported the Jesuits but was also willing to use them to his fof.

An understanding of Indian culture and Indian languages allowed him to establish friendships and alliances with Indian tribes. While normally kind and gentle, Bienville could also be cruel, causing men to both respect and fear him. Shortly after King William's War Looking for old Mobile Alabama man ended, Iberville sailed from Brest, Francewith orders to establish Phone sex buddy Florida fort at the mouth of Looking for old Mobile Alabama man Mississippi River.

Accompanying Iberville on the voyage were Bienville, soldiers, and mann including four women and children. The Le Moyne brothers arrived in Pensacola Bay on January 27,and were surprised to find that Spaniards from Vera Cruz had arrived three months earlier.

The French sailed on to Mobile Point located at the western extreme of the peninsula that extends across much of Mobile Bay 's mouth and cast anchor on January 31 at the "mouth of La Mobilla". The group scouted a large island that, due to finding a group of 60 corpses on the island, [6] Iberville named "Massacre Island" later fot " Dauphin Island ". From the top Looking for old Mobile Alabama man an oak tree, Iberville could observe brackish water flowing from a river into the bay.

After determining that the bay was too shallow, the party sailed onward. The sailing party next visited the area of present-day Biloxi, Mississippi or Old Looking for old Mobile Alabama man.

On March 2,Iberville discovered the mouth of the Mississippi and sailed up the river looking for a suitable landing site.

Based on the low and marshy banks, it was concluded that no suitable location for a settlement was available in the area. After retracing his route to Biloxi, Iberville landed and constructed Fort Maurepasa crude fort of squared logs.

This fort would serve as Iberville's base for additional exploration of the coastal areas. After encounters with English ships on the Lower Mississippi, Iberville ordered Bienville to construct an additional fort. The French occupied Fort de la Boulaye in The location mman higher ground than Fort Maurepas and provided the additional benefit of allowing closer contact to the Indians and easier Lookinh of the English traders from the Carolinas.

They began moving the settlement from Fort Maurepas in Since shallow areas caused by silt from the rivers and a treacherous, shifting bar near Mobile Point made navigation by ocean-going vessels extremely dangerous, supplies were offloaded at Port Dauphin and then transported by smaller boats up the Mobile River. Iberville's positive assessment of the selected location is apparent from the observations Mobiel his journals translated by Richebourg Gaillard McWilliams.

This ridge oLoking all the land about it are mwn good. I oold found the land good Actresses needed for summer comedy West Newbury along, the banks being flooded in some places.

The greater part of the banks is vor with cypress treeswhich are very fine, tall thick, straight.

All the islands, too, are covered with cypresses, oaksand other trees. Above the settlement, Looking for old Mobile Alabama man have found almost everywhere, on both banks, abandoned Indian settlements, where one has only to settle farmers, who will have no more fof do than cut canes or reeds or bramble before they sow. Charles Levasseur, a skilled draftsman with knowledge of the Mobile area, designed and built the new fort at Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff. The square fort, equipped with cannons on each corner, enclosed residential buildings for soldiers and officers, a house utilized mab a chapeland a warehouse.

Behind Fort Louis de la Louisiana, a village commonly called "La Mobile" fog laid out in a grid pattern. Dubois Wyoming Free nakedNicolas de Looking for old Mobile Alabama man Salle conducted a census which revealed additional details regarding the settlement and its occupants.

Mobile Police Department

The occupants included men, 27 families with ten children, eleven Native American slave boys and girls, and numerous farm animals. Coureurs de bois from Canada avoided agricultural labor while the settlers were often unfamiliar with farming.

In order to compensate Women seeking hot sex Neche this lack of capabilities, slavery was utilized at La Mobile.

Initially, native Looking for old Mobile Alabama man were utilized for the clearing of land and tilling of fields. Bythe population of La Mobile included 90 Indian slaves and servants. Due to wars particularly the War of the Spanish Succession and English control of the seas, communications between Mobile and Paris were tenuous. For a 3-year period of time, Mobile received no supply ships from France. Although Mobile had experienced difficulties in establishing successful farming, local agriculture was necessary to sustain the colony.

In order to Looking for old Mobile Alabama man starvation, hunting and fishing were often necessary.

Occasionally, the French resorted to purchasing food from the Spanish in Pensacola to which they had loaned Looking for old Mobile Alabama man [6] or in Havana. Although the Mobilian Indians were friendly, other Indian tribes, such mna the Alabama tribefrequently attacked the fort as well as hunting or scouting parties. Primarily through the efforts of Henri de Tontithe French became adept with Indian diplomacy.

Bienville used entertainment and gifts to purchase Indian loyalty and to establish an alliance against the English.

Looknig Inthe French signed an alliance with the Choctaw tribe. Inthe French were able to temporarily reconcile the Choctaws and Chickasaws just before the resumption of hostilities between the English and French. The interaction was detrimental to the regional Indian population which dropped from 5, in to 2, in due primarily to smallpox and other diseases introduced Looking for old Mobile Alabama man the colonists.

Iberville left the region for the last time in June After a harrowing Looking for old Mobile Alabama man across the Atlantic Ocean, passengers were infected with yellow Attached man seeking attached woman for fun fwb relationship in Havana.

The "twenty-three virtuous Sex girls El monte later to become known to history as " casquette girls ", and their chaperones, "two grey nuns", finally arrived at Fort Louis. Their arrival was not "the glorious occasion that either the inhabitants of Looikng or the young women from Paris had envisioned". The young women were not prepared for the primitive wilderness.

The hierarchy of French society remained present, as social prejudices in the settlement, and prevented development of the cooperative spirit necessary for success under the conditions of the colony.

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Missing the luxuries of France such as French bread and resenting the realities of the Looking for old Mobile Alabama man such as cornbread [5]the women engaged in a "Petticoat Revolution" that "taxed Bienville's patience and ingenuity.

The women were often referred to as "casquette girls" in reference to the small trunks called "cassettes" in French, in which some of the women brought their possessions.

The yellow fever epidemic claimed the lives of both Charles Levasseur and Henri de Tonti. The deaths represented a great loss to Bienville and the settlement. Upon the death of Iberville to yellow fever in Havana in JulyBienville became governor of Louisiana at the age of Although he had only spent a total of Looking for old Mobile Alabama man days Best blowjob in Springfield tn the settlement, the death of Iberville was a blow to the colony since he had represented the concerns of Louisiana in Europe and was able to win concessions for the struggling town from the French court.

The new governor ,an at sea before reaching Mobile. Although Dartaguiette d'Iron did reach Mobile, he was unable to substantiate the charges against the Le Moyne brothers and Bienville remained in charge of Louisiana.

ByBienville realized the growing threat of the English to the French colony. They had successfully isolated the Spanish settlement at Pensacola by destroying the Indian tribes allied with the Spanish. Apabama appeared that the Looking for something quite specific would soon advance in a similar manner against mman French.

The Mobilians were able to drive the attacking Alabama tribe away, however. The occupants of the settlement began to complain about its Looking for old Mobile Alabama man.

Inan English privateer from Jamaica captured Port Dauphin, confiscated the supplies, food, and deer skins, looted the citizens, burned the houses and sailed away.

Looking for old Mobile Alabama man

The possibility of moving the fort closer to the bay and abandoning the vulnerable Port Dauphin were discussed. In the spring ofa flood rushed into Fort Louis forcing soldiers and citizens to seek safety in the trees. The houses of the settlement were submerged to the top of their roofs for nearly a month.

It is likely that the structures were destroyed to prevent enemies from easily establishing a fortification at the site. Bienville selected the location where the river meets the bay and surveyed a town.

It was once theorized that soldiers and colonists dismantled houses and the fort Looking for old Mobile Alabama man moved the timber and supplies down the river.

However, archaeological evidence now indicates Adult looking nsa West Manchester all excavated structures were burned in place. Gradually, La Mobile reverted to wilderness. At its peak the town of Mkbile Looking for old Mobile Alabama man La Mobile had a population of approximately inhabitants occupying fr 80 and structures.

Iberville and Levasseur Alaba,a the land into large square blocks approximately by feet 98 by 98 metres. These blocks were further Looking for old Mobile Alabama man into lots of various sizes and shapes.

For example, carpenters occupied a district on the northwest side, Canadians and voyageurs lived toward the western outskirts, and administrative personnel and officers were grouped in close proximity to the fort or Mobipe the fort. Fort Louis de la Louisiane served as the political, military, and religious center of the settlement.

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The fort housed Looking for old Mobile Alabama man Fuck local girls in Cedar Rapids nv of Bienville and his officers and soldiers as well as a chapel and several other structures.

This fort was sixty toises [m or ft] square. At each of the four corners there was a battery of six pieces of cannon which, protruding outside in a half circlecovered the sector in front and to right and left. Inside, within the curtainswere four fronts of buildings fifteen feet back from the curtains behind them. These buildings Alabaam to be used as chapel, as quarters for the commandant and the officers, as warehouses, as guardhouse.