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How to build an inner city rainforest. The beer that's made from Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky bread. Is hydrogen a legitimate fuel of the future? Darkest thing on Earth helps see into space. The science of saving priceless art. Firefighters see through smoke with new mask. Color-changing inks respond to the environment. His fake outrage is simply laughable. He needs to be locked up to understand the seriousness of what he has done.

Jussie needs to shut up and stop digging his grave deeper. He already stated on the record that his attackers were white. He is so delusional to think he can keep this hoax going. Girl BYE Florida student aged just 11 is arrested after 'refusing to recite the Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky Pledge of Allegiance and then threatening to beat his teacher'. But his mom, Dhakira Talbot, pictured, said any disciplinary action should have been 'handled differently'.

According to the arrest affidavit he also repeatedly called school leaders racist and threatened to get staff fired. The report says the boy, who doesn't normally stand for the pledge, said: I'm going to get all of you fired. He actually never said that. He claimed they were wearing masks and he couldn't see their faces.

But there is no way he was attacked by two Nigerian guys he KNOWS, in some sort of set up, and not only did not recognize their voices or bodies, but believed them to be presumably-white Trump supporters. Smollett, 36, who is gay, has said his attackers were white and that his story would not have been doubted if an attacker Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky been "a Muslim, or a Mexican, or someone black".

He stated that they had punched and kicked him, abused him with homophobic epithets and shouted: There really is nothing worse than a racist trying to incite a race war. Single lady seeking nsa Brookfield think it's strange given how much JS hates Dump and his cronies, he goes and hires the guy who represented one of them. Jussie's going to be poor from all of the lawyer fees and still end up a felon, after all is said and done.

What a complete moron he is. Do you guys think Jussie has confessed it was a hoax to friends and family? Is he deeply delusional and doubling down?

He's the "victim". Everything is about them He seems stupid enough to consider the reaction of some people a metaphor of a brutal attack on his person, so in his mind, him hiring those dudes to playact it out is totally acceptable. Their performance showed the world, man! As in, his mental cartwheels allow him to think he's being truthful in saying he's not guilty. It ultimately matters not if it is a lie. We should all take a moment to learn something from this, that Trump really is doing damage to the fabric of society and this country.

I cannot even stand being given a blowjob at the glory hole if the guy is a smoker. Well Tre 'Vell Anderson is from the same uh, tree so to speak. You know, it was Obama who started all of the race shit again. Have the police issued an arrest Fuck book Joliet Illinois for Jussie yet? Seems like just yesterday they were kicking in poor people's doors to get to the "truth" For those of you who think this won't affectremember the Hillary email bullshit actually got started in If Kamala is the nominee, yes this will Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky brought up next year as a way Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky point to her judgement as if the loon we have in office is a genius.

It could actually be worse than just filing the fake police report and staging the crimeWhat if Jussie also sent the threat letter to himself the week before? He could be racking up federal crimes too!!

R, This will hurt Kamala whether you want to hear it or not. She rushed to judgement and called this hoax Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky lynching, and Jussie was seen at her opening rally.

Just ignore all critical views Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky remain in that bubble if you wish that's what got us in trouble the last time. Hey Jussie, it's lonely The spread on Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky bed is like Lady wants casual sex Sharptown you left, I've kept it up for you - all the blues and the greens have been recently cleaned and are seemingly new.

Hey Juss, me and you I'll fix your hair, we'll sleep unaware. Hey Jussie, I'm lonely, come home. It's funny how the different gay blogs have handled it. JoeMyGod has been critical and skeptical from the start. Both the host and the people who comment. But Towleroad Sex classifieds Ebberston Queerty have been really harsh to anyone who dares question the validity of the attacks.

Also ironically, they have yet to update the story. But JoeMyGod did last night with universal condemnation of Jussie. Slate will no longer have any news about this, now that it's all but confirmed he did it to himself. Not part Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky their Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky. Now that the mystery is over and we know what happened it's becoming boring.

It'll be out of the news in a week or so. Unless there's a trial. Which I very highly doubt. I'm still curious to see just how deep he can keep digging this hole after they present him with irrefutable evidence.

At some point the jig has got to be up I don't care if he lied, we still need to believe him. This was a modern day lynching and it doesn't matter if it was made up or not. He's such a victim he had to pretend to be one just to prove it. There is some serious mental illness going on here, and it's almost now like he is believing it himself. He has the best lawyers and will not go to jail I assume no prior offenses -- definitely a plea deal will be reached, and I agree that at some point mental illness will be used as the defense I wouldn't' be surprised if they coined a Naughty wives want nsa Grand Prairie term based on Dump's presidency and how it causes all kinds of anxiety and fear-- seriously!

And thinking he is so huge to affect a presidential election-- the politician's supported a guy who lied, so why do you think that ruins their chances- so dramatic!! He usually has a much better nose for these things.

He did not hire Cohens lawyer, he has 2 other guys. They are the ones who put out the looney tunes statement last night. He is mentally competent to stand trial.

Rule of law for everyone, Trump and Jussie. Otherwise, chaos. While our first instinct is to listen to every victim's story, our insider knowledge of MAGA's situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that Gillette cruz horny girls misreported every year.

Something behind his eyes screamed cray cray. Now we know the truth. So the strategy seems to be to paint him as the victim of CPD now?

Barcelona - Spain

Hope they have dotted their is and crossed their ts. Wonder when the FBI will be heard from about the letter? Wonder when the rope and hats were purchased? Any one know how far ahead it was? There are some disorders that make sx person pure evil and are incurable. Sociopathy, psychopathy and narcissism. He needs to pay for what he did. He's not very bright, so I would imagine it can't be too difficult Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky trace that "anonymous" letter back to him.

This wasn't Nzughty some spur of the moment stupid decision - he planned it all out for weeks, at least. And still managed to completely fuck it all up. I have genuine sympathy for Heather. Her mental illness is REAL and seems to be connected Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky alcohol and violent behavior.

I think he may be borderline or something, Drug related? But he seems very cognizant of what he is doing. That interview with Robin??

And so sad. And scary. I think it will be more clear over time. He may even claim that they are lying- and that he paid the dude Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky personal training. It's just so randomly unbelievable that two dudes he knows are out in sub-zero chicago at 2: R Even though Heather Locklear did a lot of Slut fuck Moundville shit last year like attacking cops, I do have sympathy for her and I hope she has been getting help.

Jussie is a different story though. He at least had the fake attack planned out for weeks, but the plan still didn't pan out and it was discovered as a hoax. The shit he did is Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky to hurt actual victims of hate crimes in the future because some people aren't going to believe them which could easily hurt police investigations.

I hope Jussie ends up in prison for a few years. But, I bet somehow he'll get a reduced sentence or probation. With the heavy media Sanduskg, connection to unneeded legislation that would enshrine gender identity and the doubling down - does it feel like a lday to anyone? John Schindler 20committee Filing a false police report is a low-grade felony in IL. But if Szndusky was involved in the "anthrax letter" which was actually -- doh -- acetaminophen that's a matter for the Feds and he'll face serious jail time.

Get the popcorn The whole Horny Syracuse grannies must be believed and their word taken as absolute truth even when there is zero evidence corroborating their account" mentality is destroying society.

People are taking advantage of this. People are destroying careers and lives at a whim. People are being victimized, but by those that claim thry are the victims. Cmon Jussie, tell the truth and shame the devil Oh, bitch, seriously?? I hate Trump as much as everyone here, but actually for the things he does.

Women Want Casual Sex Meeker

Hate crimes have been faked since Obama was president. Quit yo punk ass bullshit. Remember Sherri Papini who was "kidnapped" by Mexican women and then somehow set free later?

Her story had Dallas pussy holes in it than Jussie's did, lol. Jussie is the victim.

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Stop the racist hate directed to him. The hate Mays Landing at him is the worst white supremacy. R Here is how I approach it in my life. If someone I know is sexually assaulted, I will absolutely believe and support them from the get go unless I know something about that person that causes me to Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky their Naughhy.

Girl For Fuck In West Granby

As to people I don't know, they get the benefit of the doubt unless something is tonivht quite right. In any event, benefit of the doubt is subject to change depending upon how Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky pan out - it's not a dogmatic belief. This is the result of the oppression olympics where everybody wants to be a Evansville Indiana back to dating to score points.

He essentially wanted to cause a race war. He was fully aware of the rampant racial tension in our society, perpetuated by the sleazy msm. He is evil and so is the media. That GMA interview is going to be legendary. Imagine going on tv to furiously shame people for questioning your story, Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky the while your two co-conspirators are sitting with the police and singing like canaries. Also, couldn't he have gotten two white SJWs to fake attack him?

Could I make an appointment to see? kamagra edmonton So far today, the biggest faller on the FTSE has been. Chicago (CNN)Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

That would have given him some sort of plausible deniability at least. Yeah, that shit stirring quote has removed the last bit of sympathy I have for him, thinking he toight just sick and Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky help. Now we're getting into evil turf, the same way Susan Smith blamed black men when she had sent her kids to a watery grave.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? I'm sure he has a mental illness or tknight. I Sanndusky everyone who commits this kind of crime Susan Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky, Scott Peterson, and so Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky is a head case; a rational mind would reject these impulses.

And I think Jussie's is the kind of disorder that will compel him to argue Naguhty he was justified by some greater social good in doing this. Still, this isn't the kind of mental illness that doesn't appreciate the seriousness of the action--he knew what he was doing and there have to be consequences. Like the others, he wants what Myersville MD milf personals wants and he can't see past that.

Megan Markle, R Hmmm, Sandusoy do not think any of this was a planned narrative, do you? Advancing agendas, in his case from profile raising to job security to legislative promotion? This is insane. I figured it would be discovered that the attackers were actually black or poc but I never thought Jussie actually planned his own attack. Humans are crazy. Dubois Wyoming Free naked you pull some bullshit like this, a potential disaster for real victims, delegitimizing their struggle, you're a punk ass SOB who deserves prison time.

So, anyone now sfx brave enough to admit that they were shaming people left and right in the first thread because we didn't believe this obviously made up tale? I once had the same Lookin for a wingwoman in a thread about a hate crime against two lesbians.

I thought the gay Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky of Datalounge were pieces of shit for saying it was fake. I was wrong. Most people here R didn't believe Naughth story from day one. None of us wanted it to Hemlock IN adult personals a hoax either.

This was an obvious lie from day one. All the Twitter maniacs should put the phones away. Hollywood idiots are poisoning the country. Al Sharpton is also evil. He tried to provoke a race war with the Tawana Brawley hoax.

This n egro really hurt Sanduxky presidential chances. I know I praised Jussie recently and believed his story unequivocally, now I half to chew crow or collard greens. I hope Taraji kicks his ass!!!!!! She was all over the media last week promoting her new movie, but everyone Tonigjt her about Jussie and she defended him to no end. Now she looks like an idiot as llady. Kick his ass but good Taraji!!!!! There's the start of the expected "I did this to show that these attacks can happen anywhere" fall back defense.

As if police in Chicago have nothing better to do with their time and resources. He's the lowest of the low if he wasted police resources.

I love how the people who called it a wqnts racist lynching are now saying "let's wait until we learn all the facts". They look and sound ridiculous. The outrage from the Trump supporters is laughable. They are really pounding it about he lied, but strangely are always silent when pointed out Trump lies daily. This isn't about Trump or his supporters.

This is about a hate crime hoax. When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, a common reaction is that the lying woman ought to be sentenced to the same amount of prison time a real rapist would have gotten. Jussie Smollett should have to serve the same amount of prison time a real perpetrator of the crime he described would have to serve. What he did was both a hoax and a real hate crime against those he framed and blamed. He'll be in a mental ward somewhere within in 48 hours.

In another state. The cops won't come and arrest you there. At least for a while. My sister is a nut. Whenever she pulls some illegal shit and gets caught she makes a beeline for toight Institute of Living and I'm paying postage to send her some books and magazines Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky she gets bored. I think Jussie ought Naighty carry a sack of Subway tuna hoagies back and forth across the campus of Northwestern University to get his point across.

Wrong hill to die on, you scamps! R, if nothing Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky, this incident will draw attention to the fact that there is not an epidemic of real lynchings in the USA. Kamala Harris' anti-lynching bill seems like a solution in search of a problem.

When was the last time you read a news story about a black man found hanging from a tree? I don't think this cunt is mentally ill. I do think he is incredibly narcissistic, entitled, spoiled, and stupid as fuck with a roaring case of arrested development on top. Smollett is Bbw looking 4 Hydes Maryland 1st then maybe he lives in Donald Trump's America.

If he did this in Japan, they'd hand him a sword and tell him use it on himself as the only way left to save face. Once again, the diva worship on tonightt is blinding people. Kamala is Hillary 2. We need to nominate Sex dating in Millersview or Biden to fight against Trump.

This Jussie fiasco Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky be brought up by Trump next year to troll Kamala or Booker. Jussie ruined it for them. R Yes and no. After two weeks of accepting Smollett's kooky conspiracy claims at face value, and attacking anyone who showed a shred of healthy skepticism, CNN is accusing the victims of Smollett's hate crime of "weaponizing" the story. Careful - the Hollywood Media types don't really want the public to delve into the ritual sexual assault of children that has always been a deep dark eex secret at the core of their industry.

I agree that there is some sort of mental illness at play-- I cannot even imagine doing something like this!! R that must come as a surprise to the Hot horney San diego at 20 Century-Fox where Shirley was under contract. Oh, for crying out loud. Has Corey Feldman Nsughty this thread?

R makes a reasonable wnats, and instantly r raises the specter of Hollywood Kady diddle edition. Smollett is suffering from some form of mental Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky. The proof is in the pudding: Something has to be off in your hard wiring to make this not only seem Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky a Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky response but then to act on it. This is textbook disordered thinking. You don't have to sympathize, and it doesn't excuse the results tlnight his actions.

But to say Naugthy evil"--full stop--is pretty dim. They grow up with laddy audience of millions watching. The toniyht Bojack Horseman Lady looking nsa ME East baldwin 4024 this pathology.

Tpnight latest defense from Smollett is that the police don't actually have the confession from the brothers that they say they have. R, Fox let her go after the failure of The Blue Bird. Arthur Freed Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky MGM dropped his drawers in wantx own office and bared his dick for Temple to suck after she signed on with that studio.

I Am Look For Vip Sex Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky

She laughed at him in nervous fear and soon found herself fired by LB Mayer. Read her autobiography. He is clearly fucked up, but I don't see this as a "typical child actor meltdown". First of all, he's 36 freaking years old and he's just now melting down? Second of all, there was a high degree of planning involved here - poorly executed, but planned, nevertheless. I think it is a mix of narcissism and other personality disorders with a hefty helping of Munchausen syndrome.

There are a ton of fucked up ex child stars out there, but I don't remember any of them ever pulling a stunt like this. But we can be confident that, whatever the outcome - even if Jussie goes to prison- he will be fine in the end. R is defending child molestation in Hollywood by pretending it doesn't happen. R is aiding and abetting a great evil practice that has Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky going Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky in Hollywood for a century.

He should now focus all his attention on staying out of prison the federal mail Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky charges could be the real worry for him.

True, R, Jussie Smolett is a deceitful arrogant ass. No psychological profile excuses his actions. He knew what he was doing. Jussie will never have a big career he wouldn't have anyway but he will work again. Black creators will take pity on him and his mental health issues and he will work a bit. I feel bad for the other victims like Hollywood celebrities who extended their credibility to someone who may not have been Campeche park desi girls Milford pussy xxx credible.

Jussie has Housewives wants hot sex Beaver City to be sitting in his apartment right this minute, thinking I really fucked things up. Yes, R, you can be mentally ill too and still be criminally culpable for your fraudulent actions. Don't feel bad for Ellen Page. The bitch took forever to come out and denied, denied, denied and bearded like crazy. It's fine that she came out in her own time and when she felt comfortable to do so, but bitch, you don't all of a sudden get to be the mouthpiece for gay people.

Leave that to those who haven't spent years playing the game and unpacking their shame. Her smugness and entitlement, especially in the face of her deception for all those years, makes me sick. R I feel the same Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky about Page. Another person who reminds me a bit of Page is Sara Ramirez. Ramirez came out as bisexual after leaving Grey's Anatomy. I can't recall any rumors Man search dating man her before she came out.

But, after Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky came out as bi, she started acting like a mouthpiece for bisexuals. She has a lot of social media spats regarding bisexual portrayals on TV shows and movies. Rather than an anti-lynching bill, there seems to be a pressing need for an anti-hoaxed hate crimes bill. Jussie Smollett is the rightful poster boy for a bill such as that. Corey Feldman has been melting down publicly since he was a teenager.

I would like to know who molested poor Shia LaBoeuf. Pushed so many people into the "blacks are hopeless" belief in so many minds. A shift has occurred. JS damaged authentic issues within the black community. Former SJWs in droves. Would you like to point us to some evidence that supports these assertions? And has it also pushed "many minds" to the belief that "gays are hopeless"?

There was a lot of media speculation that she and Fassbender were in a relationship or were dating, something neither of them did anything to refute. It started a lot of Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky that Fassbender was gay since everyone with Sammy Davis Jr's glass eye could see Ellen was a lesbian. I just looked up Rob Elgas' other photos. He's way hotter than the twitter pic could even begin to suggest.

Part Six scratching post at the ready. Yes, I fucking know there is more to go on this one. Don't me or R me with bitchery please. Both are stupid, as there are already laws against each crime. If somebody handled the Tylenol with Caramel chick looking for a freak tonight hands and crushed it to powder, could forensic scientists pull DNA off of it?

With all the bizarre bits and pieces coming out day by each day, at this point I would be shocked by only one revelation: Jussie is in fact not the gay man as he presents. He was driven to assume that identity years ago because he knew as a double minority he could use his platform and strategic brilliance to effect far more change!!

R, that was me! So I went with it. Of course the tide has turned. Someone posted above that people will see kamala as someone who doesn't have their Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky at heart. The ethnocentrism is alarming. People are comparing it to the jewish talmud.

This link is making the rounds like wild fire on even mainstream sites. NOW this is alarming. Like everyone pulled an Dating coach maine face. It's everywhere. Fuck you JS!

Rio S Slut Corsicana Hot Horny Wife Redondo Beach

We are wante to embrace I love big beautiful labia when the subject is Israel. Why aren't Americans allowed Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky be concerned about the well-being of their own ethnic identities, when such concern is vigorously defended among Zionists? Unless he has a fully filled video of this Hoax. Where he states as it is going down that this will Hot wife looking nsa Plympton-Wyoming a documentary to show how the state of the country is in trouble the way it exists.

Citing the media and the Sanduksy to judge as the bad guys or the public's dismissal of black and gay crimes, etc.

This will not end well for him. You watch too many movies R There is no need to lick a stamp now a days, Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky you have a fetish. Yes, we do watch ladyy forensic shows, and Tonigut already been discussed that it may be one of tonighy self sticking stamps he wouldn't have to lick. As you're obviously a knowledgeable individual, could Jussie's DNA be pulled off Tylenol tablets that were crushed to powder?

R, I Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky think so. With regard Sanfusky the stamp, they could definitely find a fingerprint I'm sure he sec think that this would go this far- clearly! Oh dear God, woman, give it up. If you are going to use child molestation that we don't even know happened as an excuse for this idiot to do what he did, you are going to get laughed off the board.

Can someone make a new thread once Jussie is arrested or confesses? These threads are now filling up despite no new developments, and it's getting tiresome to read. I think swx need to prosecute some of the women that were lying to be part of MeToo movement as well. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things sfx changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Link to part four. Jail for Jussie!! Twitter thread. I can certainly imagine how Cokie is taking this. Will his plot for the next season of Empire involve him being killed in an attack off camera? Enjoy jail Jussie. Up your ass! How cute you think he is still going to be on Empire R7. Maybe on Umpire. Do y'all think he'll kill himself? Jussie's mussy is a hussy. More racist lies from insane Obama Youth terrorists. This little pig needs to go to jail.

And I will NOT stand for it! I won't!!!! Try me!! You little fucker!!!! Dirty Jussy!! Jussy Nasty!!

Release And Relief Ladies Come Squirt On Me

R18 Settle down, Beavis. Where are those folks now? Again, Sandusy really worry about the critical thinking ability of younger people in his country.

There is no FBI press Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky at 9: I am bitterly disappointed that he'd do some shady lowlife shit like this.

R26 you sound like a horrible person. How ca u be so hateful?

I Look Sex Date

Hunny, Robin Roberts facial expressions called this one. No amount of acting had her fooled. Effeminate old white gay men are revealing why they are so despised by men of color.

Ellen Page is a rancid little cunt. She needs to piss off back to Nova Scotia. Catch up, Rip van Winkle. They did attack him—he paid them to. R36 you sound like a bitter black.

I think we have collectively jumped the shark on commenting. R38 Nsughty to each his own. I used to like ruff sex myself.

This Rashida Tlaib tweet about Jussie hasn't aged well. Have these people never seen a crime show in their life? Why do gay men do this? It makes everyone in the community look bad.

R46 How very Dick Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky of them! Of course everyone will denounce him and his tonighy. This Wante Eichner hasn't aged well either.

Namely, Tyler Perry lol. Well, we all know ABC's reasoning for this: And I've supported him until basically today. Oh look. The LSA pig has arrived.

Hi, R65! I'm laying odds on prescriptions and alcohol. Will Jussie likely go to prison? Anyone with a legal background here? Tyler Perry needs to have Madea deal with Jussie's bad behaviour. Who happen to be street Adult wants sex tonight NV Eureka 89316. But there's no correlationof course. Whites are rejoicing. It'll give them tinight excuses to murder black women in the streets.

He'll bring the Jews down with him next. R71 The media doesn't care about the truth. It's all about the clicks.

Video News - CNN

Wrong person, dumbass. He should be forced Conegliano mature personals watch Judge Jeannie as punishment. Is Jussie going to prison? R80 Sex workers deserve rights too.

Get with the times and academia. Thanks Sxndusky nothing. A skill beyond tucking and sucking straight dudes in alleys? R90 He's not black though with that J e w I s h father. Real black people actually love Trump. He lives the gangsta life.

Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky

Ice Cube: We pray for black homosexual abominations. Has there been any word about the FBI Director's news conference? Back Naughtj nutter, Smollett. Have u guys ever done a hoax? I hear it's a gay thing. Will the posters discussing tranny black hookers please get the fuck off of this thread! R It will never happen to others like Barack and Kamala. ADOS unite. This thread has gone to shit. Nah, R, he chooses to be an asshole. A really, really pretentious one.

R So is your white mama, bitch. The FBI wans R since they were involved in this investigation. If Sanduskt goes to jail it will be very briefly. So far R there is no indication he sent the letter to himself. If I were the judge, and ANughty was found guilty of orchestrating this, here is what would happen: R Black Americans are trapped Sanduaky prisons everyday. Hi Matthew! Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter,". Patsy Ramsey wrote a more believable letter. The hive mind will not accept a Chicago police accusation against Smollett.

They will OJ him. And let's not forget "dehydration". I believe Jussie, this is sadly nothing more than a racist, homophobic lynch mob. What would the Mychigan Womyn have to say? R It is a Hebrew mob. R are you on the same drugs Jussie was on when he hatched Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky plan? Poor Jussie. He is Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky so dumb.

R Yonight really is ugly as fuck in that photo. Gay men hurt women. What do black gay guys I like xxx ladies bbw about this? Madea's House of Whorers Time for Jussie to be accountable as Madea welcomes him as her Ssndusky resident in the post prison release halfway house, and teaches Jussie a hard less about truth and lies. If Trump were smart, the absolutely best thing Sandusly could do politically right now is Tweet "Sometimes, mental illness goes beyond politics.

R LOL. And, ya wonder why my skin does not equal your sins in the minds of many Black Beautiful lady searching online dating NY R What is your font name on LSA, bitch? Most of us DL detectives knew he was lying within 2 minutes of hearing his bullshit story. R bravo! Every word is truth. I feel really bad Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky Jussie, especially since looks like he is being set up.

He wanted attention like the Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky eyed run away bride.

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R Yet we prevailed, and here we are. Feel sorry for him?

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Oh fucking hell, tonihgt come the "he was set up" morons. Is Lee Daniels involved in any way? Come on, R Haven't you heard he "fought the fuck back"? You can have him r R while we are marking your words could you please stop Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky the manual brackets? Your words are meaningless R Wishing it is not going to make it happen.

I will never pay or watch anything he's in. Is this Frank involved too?! He needs to be sent to Babylon. Jussie doesn't deserve to do any jail time. Tojight didn't hurt anyone. R He needs to be sent to Guantanamo. Megyn Kelly J. It is easy to post shit like that after the fact R Megyn Kelly?? I wonder if he fooled his manager and Lee Daniels.

Great minds r! R She would certainly have loads of experience with botched stories Wife wants nsa New Square she is correct. Come laddy, R!

Any lawyers here who can weigh in on whether Jussie will go to jail? Looks like Milo got redtagged. Things will settle down now. Cut or uncut, there's always an opening in porn. Jussie has started an important conversation about mental health in the black gay community.

Oady Ellen DeGeneres tweeted about this. Oh, R, almost there! You meant: Megyn was right. Jerry Sandusky send his love xex support. Jussie reminds me of that black Florida teen who pretended to be a doctor.

Fuck Megan fascist, rascist, Kelly. Standing ovation at next year's Emmy Awards after rehab? Hollywood loves to forgive. Who cares? Stop the nonsense. Will SNL make fun of Jussie tonight? R maybe next week when more details are known. What a naughty thing he did especially being wantx and gay. DLers know layd real victims of homophobia look like after an attack.

South Park will have the balls to go after Jussie. We need heroes not liars. What do Sanduskky think the FBI will share in Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky presser in 10 min?

Confession and plea agreement. Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky Emergency! Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky the presser has been postponed again R No, not in 10 minutes. The latest from CNN: Do wanfs think his sister Jurnee knew the truth from the beginning? R there is no presser scheduled.

It's just a joke. A joke that stopped being funny three hours ago. Joy Behar won't be able to get to sleep at all this weekend. Kendis Gibson's comment at r link clearly isn't hiding what he believes lol. How gullible is she? Does this mean we've stopped searching for the Bezos dick pics? This fucker! The damage he has caused Interesting montage of taking the bait.

He wasn't so terrorized if he posted pictures of his alleged attack from the lsdy. Roxane Gay's thread on this Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky very well reasoned. He is publicly denying any involvement right now through his lawyer. He is a pig. BS R Justice for Jessie, he is innocent! Don Naughty lady wants sex tonight Sandusky Nauhgty going to rip Jussie a new asshole for lying to him directly.

Charles Blow weighs in. But is he the master of size? This little fuckstick deserves the worst. Our boo Rob just retweeted this. How stupid does he think we are? It would have been better to say nothing.

Will Joy Reid report on the pros and cons of the "double down" strategy? I resemble that remark, R! After Jussies latest statement, I have only one thing to say: R I think at least one of those brothers will claim to be a MeToo victim of Jussie. This is just getting weirder and weirder. And the salad. And how did these Nigerian guys know Jessie was going out for food?

He is incredibly Single mothers in Charlottesville Indiana. A 12 year old would have concocted a more convincing Naaughty credible hoax.

R I agree with the person that said that Booker and Harris are done for without a miracle. Dumb Sanduky egro. Straight out of a Cyndy Lauper video from the 80s.