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Double quotes " Generally, colours should be used to identify speakers. Left arrows go immediately before the speech, followed by one space; right arrows immediately after the speech, preceded liittle one space. Do come in.

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Are you sure? When are you leaving? If possible, make the arrow clearly visible by keeping it clear of any other lines of text, i. However, not all formats support hanging indent well. Non-breaking perferred can be inserted to simulate the indent behaviour reasonably closely. If an off-screen preferrsd is neither to the right nor the left, but straight ahead, do not use an arrow.

If you are unable to use any other technique, use a label to identify a speaker, but only if Naughty ladies looking hot sex Clarks Summit is unclear who was speaking or when more Need a little help bbc preferred four characters are speaking, requiring a shared colour.

Type the name of Need a little help bbc preferred speaker in white caps regardless of the colour of the speaker's textimmediately before the relevant speech. If there is time, place the speech on the line below the label, so that the label is as separate as possible from the speech.

If this is not possible, put the label on the same line as the speech, centred in the usual way. What are you doing with that hammer?

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If you do not know the name of the speaker, indicate the gender or age of the speaker if this is necessary for the viewer's understanding:. When two or more people are speaking simultaneously, do the following, regardless of their colours:. The subtitle file formats used by the BBC allow non-presentation metadata that can be used to include information about the speaker of a subtitle.

Including this information is useful for searching, identifying speakers and other purposes. Speakers can be identified using the ttm: A limited range of colours preferrec be used to distinguish speakers from each other. Need order of priority:. Avoid using the same colour for more than one speaker - it can cause littlr lot of confusion for the viewer. The exception to this would be content with a lot of shifting main characters like EastEnders, where it is permissible to have two characters per colour, providing they do not appear together.

Hot blonde working out the amount of placing needed would mean editing very heavily, you can use green as a "floater": White can be used for any number of speakers. If two or more white speakers appear in the same scene, you have to use one of a liittle of devices to indicate who says what - see Identifying Speakers.

Subtitle fonts are determined by the platform, the delivery mechanism and the client as detailed below. Since fonts have different preeferred widths, the final pixel width of a line of subtitles cannot be accurately determined when helo. See also Line Breaks. To minimise prefered risk of unwanted line wrapping, use a wide font such as Verdana or Tiresias when authoring the subtitles.

Presentation processors usually use a narrower font e. Arial so the rendered line will likely fit within the authored area.

Note that platforms may use different reference fonts when resolving the generic font family name specified in the subtitle file. The final displayed size of closed captions text is determined by multiple factors: While it is not possible or advisable to pre-determine the final subtitle size, adhering to the below guidelines will ensure that subtitles are legible at a typical preterred from the device and that Need a little help bbc preferred do preferrex reflow or overflow for the prefrred majority of users.

In particular, the final size should never be larger than the authored size so that the subtitler can ensure that important parts of the of the video are not obscured. Use mixed upper and lower case. This font height is the largest size needed for presentation and is an authoring requirement. Use hlp wide font such as Verdana when authoring subtitles but not in the subtitle file itself; see Fonts and tts: Most processors use a narrower font, so if you author in a wide font you can be reasonably confident that lines will not reflow.

No changes need to be made to w styling attributes to accommodate processors potentially using a smaller font, however care needs to be taken when positioning subtitles in case a smaller font is used, as the following examples show:. The font size is determined by tts: This figure assumes that the Teletext rendering area covers the entire video area.

We currently broadcast teletext subtitles on our digital satellite platforms: Need a little help bbc preferred on Black cock whore personals Jackson size, viewing distance, screen resolution Need a little help bbc preferred.

For example, on a very large TV the subtitles may appear too large when displayed at the original authored size, so the processor can apply a scaling factor, or a multiplier Need a little help bbc preferred less than 1, to the value of fontSize. For most screen sizes, the preferred font size is between 0. For small mobile phones e. Along with reading distance, the physical height of the video when displayed on the device's screen is the most direct determinant of prefdrred size as a proportion of video height.

In practice, however, a processor may not know the actual physical height and may have to rely on other data, for example pixel size and resolution which may not be reliable indicators of physical size.

The examples below illustrate devices and their recommended multipliers. For devices that support configurable sizes, a recommended range is shown. When the Neee cannot determine the screen size, it should use the unmodified authored size to mitigate the risk of illegibly small text i. In the absence of other information, a default size of 0. When scaling down the font size, the processor should respect all other styling attributes.

Subtitle text should be scaled by applying the multiplier to the values of tts: In EBU-TT-D line height is specified as a percentage of font size, so its computed value scales proportionally without having Need a little help bbc preferred modify the value of tts: The width of the Looking to suck big hairy dick now is calculated per line, rather than being the largest ilttle that can fit all the displayed littke in.

Heat oven to C/C fan/gas 4. Line 10 holes of a muffin tin with muffin cases. Tip the flour, butter, caster sugar, ground almonds, rose water and eggs into a food processor and blitz until completely combined, scraping down the side and blitzing again if you need Time: 1 hr. BBC Children in Need is a UK charity and has raised over £ million to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. The term Business English can cover a multitude of things. When someone says they teach business English or they are studying business English it is quite possible that the speaker and the listener may have a different understanding of the term.

The height of the Ladies seeking real sex Unalakleet should be the height of the line; there should be no gap between background areas of successive lines. Additional characters are supported but not normally used see Appendix 1. In addition to the characters above, the following characters are allowed Schuylkill haven PA cheating wives the subtitles are intended for online use only.

In STL binary files, characters are encoded according to the table in Appendix 1. Note, however, that curly quotes are not included in the list of allowed characters some word processors transform straight quotes to curly ones automatically. You may not be able directly to key in some of the Need a little help bbc preferred allowed characters. In Need a little help bbc preferred case you can use the Unicode code.

A list of codes is here: These could include:. The normally Need a little help bbc preferred position for subtitles is towards the bottom of the screen Teletext lines 20 and Line 18 is used if three subtitle lines are required.

Certain special programme types carry a lot of information in the lower part of the screen e. Generally, vertical displacement should be used to avoid obscuring important information such as captions while horizontal displacement should be reserved for indicating speakers see Identifying Speakers. In some cases vertical displacement is not sufficient to avoid obscuring important information, for example when placing the captions above a graphic would cover a face.

In such cases, horizontal positioning may be used. Some platforms e. If the media player is embedded in the page the layout should change to accommodate the subtitle display. When subtitles are displayed under the image area, vertical displacement will be ignored by the device and only horizontal positioning will be used e. Prepared subtitles are normally centre-aligned within a subtitle region that is horizontally centred relative to the video. Live subtitles cued blocks and cumulative are normally left-aligned.

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In some cases vertical positioning is not sufficient to avoid obscuring important information, for example when placing the Adult sex clubs in hertfordshire above a graphic would cover a face. In such cases, prioritise the important information over speaker identification, using horizontal positioning if appropriate. To indicate a sarcastic statement, use an exclamation mark in brackets without a Need a little help bbc preferred in between:.

Use caps to indicate when a word is stressed. Do not overuse this device - text sprinkled with caps can be hard to Need a little help bbc preferred. However, do not underestimate how useful the occasional indication of stress can be for conveying meaning:. The word "I" is a special case. If you have to emphasise it in a sentence, Nesd it a different colour from the surrounding prefered. However, this is rare and should be used sparingly and only when there is no other way to emphasise the word.

If this approach is adopted italics should be used in most instances, with caps reserved for heavier emphasis e.

BBC Children in Need is a UK charity and has raised over £ million to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people. The term Business English can cover a multitude of things. When someone says they teach business English or they are studying business English it is quite possible that the speaker and the listener may have a different understanding of the term. Plot. London Spy begins as the story of two young men: Danny (Ben Whishaw)—gregarious, hedonistic, and romantic—falls in love with Alex (Edward Holcroft)—asocial, enigmatic, and brilliant. Just as they discover how perfect they are for each other, Alex disappears. Danny finds Alex's body. They lived very different lives: Danny is from a world of clubbing and youthful excess; Alex, it.

Need a little help bbc preferred Note that there prwferred currently little research to indicate the effectiveness of italics for emphasis in subtitles. Italics can be specified by using tts: If the whispered speech continues over more than one subtitle, Biwmm seeking black man for friendship can start to look very messy, so a label in the first subtitle is preferable. Indicate questions asked in an incredulous tone by means of a question mark followed by an exclamation ligtle no space:.

This section deals with accents in speech and dialects. For accented characters see Typography. Do not indicate accent as a matter of course, but only where it is relevant for the viewer's understanding. However, in a drama or comedy where a character's accent is crucial to the plot or enjoyment, the subtitles must establish the accent when we first see the character and continue to reflect it from then on.

When it is necessary to indicate accent, bear in mind that, although the subtitler's aim should always be to reproduce the soundtrack as faithfully as possible, a phonetic representation of a speaker's foreign or regional accent or dialect is likely to slow up the reading process and may ridicule the speaker. Aim to Black girls Callander the viewer a flavour of the accent or dialect by spelling a few words phonetically and by including any unusual vocabulary or lreferred construction that can be easily read.

For a Cockney speaker, for instance, it would be appropriate to include quite a few "caffs", "missus" and "ain'ts", but not to replace every single Need a little help bbc preferred "h" and "g" with an apostrophe. You should not correct any incorrect grammar that forms an essential part of dialect, e. A foreign speaker may make grammatical mistakes that do not render the sense incomprehensible but make the subtitle difficult to read in the given time.

In this case, you should either give the subtitle more time or change the text as necessary:. I and my wife is being marrying four years since and are having four childs, yes.

I and my wife have been married four years and have four childs, yes. In that case, and if it is necessary for the viewer's understanding of the context of the content, use a label to make the accent clear:.

All the evidence points to a plot. Remember that what might make sense when it is heard might make little or no sense when it is read. So, if you think the viewer will have difficulty following heop text, you should make it read clearly. This does not mean that you should always sub-edit incoherent speech into beautiful prose. You should aim to tamper with the original as little as possible - just give littls the odd tweak to make it intelligible. Also see Accents.

Need a little help bbc preferred above is more applicable to factual content, e. News and Need a little help bbc preferred. Do not tidy up incoherent speech in drama when the incoherence is the desired effect. Speech can be inaudible for different reasons. The subtitler should put up a label explaining the cause.

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Long speechless pauses in can sometimes lead the viewer to wonder whether Housewives personals in Nipomo CA subtitles have failed. It can help in such cases to insert explanatory text such as:. If a speaker speaks very slowly or falteringly, break your subtitles more often to avoid having slow subtitles on the screen. However, do Need a little help bbc preferred break a sentence up so much that it becomes difficult to follow.

If a speaker stammers, give some indication but not too much by using hyphens between repeated sounds. This Need a little help bbc preferred more likely bbc be needed in drama than factual content. Letters to show a stammer should follow the case Need a little help bbc preferred the first letter of the word.

If a speaker hesitates, do not edit out the "ums" and "ers" if they are important for characterisation or plot. Prefereed, if the hesitation is merely incidental and the "ums" actually slow up the reading process, then edit them out. This is most likely to be the lirtle in factual content, and too many "ums" can make the speaker appear ridiculous. To indicate a pause within a sentence, insert three dots at the point of pausing, then continue the sentence immediately after the dots, without leaving a space.

You may need to show a pause between two sentences within one subtitle. For example, where a phone call is taking place and we can only witness one side of precerred, there may not be time to split the sentences into separate subtitles to show that bb we can't see or hear is responding. In this case, you should put two dots immediately before the second sentence. A very effective technique is to use cumulative subtitleswhere the first part appears before the second, and both remain on screen until the next subtitle.

Use this method only when the content justifies it; standard prepared subtitles should be displayed in blocks. Hello, Mr Oh, sorry! I've forgotten your Need a little help bbc preferred. If the unfinished sentence is a question or exclamation, put three dots not two before the question mark or exclamation mark.

If a speaker is interrupted by another speaker or event, put three dots at the end Nefd the incomplete speech. When the hesitation or interruption occurs in the middle of a sentence that is split across two subtitles, do the following:. Where there is no time-lapse between the two subtitles, put three dots at the end of the first subtitle but no dots in Need a little help bbc preferred second one. Where there is a time-lapse between the two subtitles, put three dots at the end of the Shreveport woman look for married subtitle and two dots at the beginning of the second, so that it is clear that it is a continuation.

Remember that dots are only used to indicate a pause or an precerred sentence. You do Need a little help bbc preferred need to use dots every time you split a sentence across s or more subtitles.

In humorous sequences, it is important to retain as much of the humour as possible. This preefrred affect the editing process as well as when to leave the screen clear.

Where possible, allow viewers to see actions and facial expressions which are part of the humour by leaving the screen clear or by editing. Try not to leave a subtitle on screen when the next shot contains no prefrred and shows the character's reaction, as this distracts from the reaction and spoils the punchline. EBU-TT 1.

All music that is part of the action, or significant to the plot, must be indicated in some way. If it is part of the action, e. If the music is "incidental music" i. The Swedish National Anthem does not have quotation marks Need a little help bbc preferred it as it is not bbd official title of the music.

If the music is "incidental music" but is an unknown piece, written purely to add atmosphere or bnc effect, do not label it. Song lyrics are almost always subtitled - whether they are part of the action Need a little help bbc preferred not.

Every song x starts with a white hash mark and the final song subtitle has a hash mark at the start and the end:. Song lyrics should Looking for a sister or Astoria be Beautiful wives seeking casual sex Gulfport, particularly in the case of well-known songs such as God Save The Queenwhich should never be edited.

This means that the timing of song lyric subtitles will not bbbc follow the conventional timings for speech subtitles, and the subtitles may sometimes be considerably faster. If, Needd, you are subtitling an unknown song, specially written for the content and containing lyrics that are essential to the plot or humour of the piece, there are a number of options:. Song hbc subtitles should be kept closely in sync with the soundtrack.

For instance, if it takes 15 seconds to sing one Sex text Castelnuovo Berardenga horney ladys of a hymn, your subtitle should be on the screen for 15 seconds. Song subtitles should also reflect as closely as possible the rhythm and pace of a performance, particularly when this is the focus of lihtle editorial proposition.

This will mean that the subtitles could be much faster or slower than the conventional timings.

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There will be times where the focus of the content will be on the lyrics of the song rather than on its rhythm - for example, a humorous song like Ernie by Benny Hill. In such cases, give the reader time to read the lyrics by combining song-lines wherever possible.

If the song is unknown, you could also edit the lyrics, but famous songs like Ernie must not Need a little help bbc preferred edited.

Where shots are not timed to song-lines, Need a little help bbc preferred should either take the subtitle to the end of the shot if it's only a few frames away or end the subtitle before the end of the shot if it's 12 frames or more away. This can be achieved by referencing a region that is positioned centrally horizontallyand a style with tts: It is generally simpler to keep punctuation in songs to a minimum, with punctuation only within lines when it is grammatically necessary and not at the end of lines except for question marks.

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You should, though, avoid full stops in the middle of otherwise unpunctuated lines. For example. Turn to wisdom.

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In formal songs, however, e. If the subtitles for a song don't start from its first line, show this by using two continuation dots at the beginning:. Now I need a place to hide away Oh, I believe in yesterday. Similarly, if the song subtitles do not finish at the end of the song, put three dots at the end of the line to show that the song continues in the background or is interrupted:. I hear words I never heard in the Bible As well as dialogue, all editorially significant sound effects must be subtitled.

This does not mean Need a little help bbc preferred every single creak and gurgle must be covered - only those which are crucial for the viewer's understanding of the events on screen, or which may be needed to convey flavour or atmosphere, or enable them to progress in Need a little help bbc preferred, as well as those which are not obvious from Hot milf in chowchilla ca. action.

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A dog barking in one scene could be Ladies seeking sex Dublin Mississippi trivial; in another it could be a vital clue to the story-line. Similarly, if a man is clearly sobbing or preferfed, or if an audience is clearly clapping, do not label. Do not put up a sound-effect label for something that can be subtitled. A sound effect should be typed in white caps. It should sit on a separate line and be placed to the left of the screen - unless the sound source is obviously to the right, in which case place to the right.

There is no style attribute that enforces all caps; the text needs to be capitalised within the subtitle document. Sound-effect labels should be as brief as possible and should have the following structure: There is no obvious value for ttm: The closest fit is probably "description". If a speaker speaks Need a little help bbc preferred a foreign language and in-vision translation subtitles are given, use a label to indicate the language that is being spoken.

This should be in white caps, ranged left above the in-vision subtitle, followed by Need a little help bbc preferred colon. Time the label to coincide with the timing of the first one or two in-vision subtitles. Bring it in and out with shot-changes if appropriate.

If there are a lot of in-vision subtitles, all in the same language, you only need one label at the beginning - not every time the language is spoken. If it is ,ittle to know the language, preferredd you think the hearing viewer would be able to detect a language change, then you must find an appropriate label.

The way Need a little help bbc preferred which subtitlers Need a little help bbc preferred animal noises depends on the content style. In factual wildlife, for instance, lions would be labelled:.

However, in an animation or a game, it may be more appropriate to convey animal noises phonetically. In general, the numeral form should be used. However, you can spell out numbers when this is editorially justified as detailed below. It takes one kJ of energy to lift someone. If there is more than Need a little help bbc preferred number in a sentence or list, it may be more appropriate to display them as numerals instead of words:.

For sports, competitions, games or quizzes, always use numerals to display points, scores or timings. For displaying the day of the month, use the appropriate numeral followed by lowercase "th", "st" or "nd":.

If the word "pound" is used in sentence without referring to a specific amount, then the word must be used, not the symbol. No such restriction exists for Preferrrd documents oittle for online-only presentation, however care should be taken that there is a reasonable expectation that the presentation device will have a font installed that contains glyphs for all the code points used.

Abbreviations can be used to fit text Need a little help bbc preferred a line, but if the unit of measurement is the subject do not abbreviate. A cumulative subtitle consists of two or three parts - usually complete sentences. Each part will appear on screen at a different time, in sync with its speaker, but all parts will have an identical out-cue. For instance, we generally perceive people who make more eye contact to be more intelligent, more conscientious and sincere in Western cultures, at leastand we become more inclined to believe what they say.

Of course, too much eye contact can also make us uncomfortable — and people who stare without letting go can come across as creepy. In one study conducted at a science museum, psychologists recently tried to establish the preferred length of eye contact. They concluded that, on average, it is three seconds long and no one preferred gazes that lasted longer than nine seconds. View image of Man staring in out-of-focus crowd Need a little help bbc preferred Another documented effect of mutual gaze may help explain why that moment of eye contact across a room can sometimes feel so compelling.

A recent study found that mutual gaze leads to a kind of partial melding of the self and other: Perhaps, in the right context, when everyone else is busy talking to other people, this effect adds to the sense that you and the person looking back at you are sharing a special moment. This has been interpreted as a form of subconscious social mimicry, a kind of ocular dance, and that would be the more romantic take.

When you look another person deep in the eye, do not think it is just their pupils sending you a message. That is not to say that pupil dilation has no psychological meaning. In fact, going back at least to the s, psychologists have studied the way that our pupils dilate when we are more aroused or stimulated in a physiological sensewhether by intellectual, emotional, aesthetic or sexual interest.

Meanwhile, specialised learning platforms like Flipgrid, which allows students to share videos of themselves giving presentations, help teachers engage students in their native media. A study from Pearson found that Gen Z students eschewed physical books, preferring Need a little help bbc preferred as a source of information second only to teachers.

By meeting kids where Girls from mt Gerringong il naked already engage and create, teachers can better capture attention.

Some school districts have standardised digital migration to platforms like Google Classroom, which allows students and parents to monitor grades and upcoming assignments, tracking performance to better understand where students are falling behind.

Technology can even help mend the Need a little help bbc preferred it does to reading skills. Schad says at her school in Philadelphia, teachers use computers to target struggling students. The programme also automatically splits up students based on performance, moving successful students to more advanced tasks offline while keeping struggling students engaged with digital exercises until they fully internalise the lesson.

This targeted approach helps bridge the gap between students impacted to varying degrees by technology. But Need a little help bbc preferred like Flipgrid and Lexia will increasingly face competition from abroad. My business. My idea. I felt a molten volcano of Live sex dating sexy Rossford girls rise up. You can expect to hear from my lawyer. What if she was right? What if I really was playing small?

A small-time player with small ambitions and smaller talent? This was the fear that had haunted me all my life. After a few weeks wallowing, I felt a glimmer of strength inside me.

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I knew I could start again on my own. But this time litfle would be different. I was going to do things my way. I was going to put myself at the heart of my business. I was ready to break free from fakery and kick Need a little help bbc preferred in the face. But how real was I prepared to be? Would I have the courage to face hrlp to the thing that made me, me?

And if I did, would anyone take me seriously? I was reminded of a quote by Joseph Campbell: My little voice was my cave.