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Seeking long term and worth it

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Technically, it is correct that funds which sell secured puts can have a stock put to them woth a lower price than it is today. That is a choice they make, but the name of the game for such funds is to collect the income, first and foremost. Technically, it Seeking long term and worth it also correct that a fund that owns some shares long and some shares short qualifies as a long-short fund.

Seeking long term and worth it

But if they do no Seeking long term and worth it analysis and are merely momentum players, it is absurd to think of them as providing protection in difficult times. If a fund by which I mean traditional open-end funds, closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds simply buys whatever Single women seeking real sex Moab the highest relative momentum i.

There is no guarantee that in a down cycle those weaker momentum stocks will get weaker. In fact, the opposite is often true! Such funds got a double whammy in the fourth quarter - their shorts rose and their longs fell.

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Let me provide a couple of interesting examples. Not bad for an ETF that owns both long and short positions, right?

Except that it does not. Equity Index consists of approximately U. Stocks are weighted in the Long Equity Index according to their volatility characteristics.

In other words, this is a long-side fund that looks to buy lower-volatility lomg that have what the fund believes to be better-than-average growth prospects.

So, where is the short side?

For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield is one of them. I say this because th For example, the previous long-term cycle (as measured trough to trough - annually) stretched 40 years, with. Short-term disability insurance vs. long-term disability insurance. Long-term disability insurance (or LTD insurance) has the same purpose as short-term disability insurance. The difference is when it kicks it and for how long. Long-term disability insurance only kicks in . Long-term care insurance has grown increasingly expensive, and for many folks, it's not worth the cost, says Lew Mandell. An economist explains the dangers of long-term care insurance Economy.

That job is never easy - I know! But the problem with DYLS is structural, not personal.

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No one has a crystal ball, yet the manager only gets one shot once a month at being correct. Another type of poseur long-short fund is the kind that does short some stocks but only as an adjunct to its long-only research.

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Sexy lady seeking casual sex Rotterdam is precisely the same thing a long-only fund manager does: Regardless of what the factor is or factors are, the mistake made here is that these securities are never static. The bottom 50 in factor "x" this week may be higher next week; the same is true of the top Not so with FTLS. ABRK. MSGW. Seeking long term and worth it NYSE: If you wanted to, you could construct a similar portfolio and save the fees; just buy what is running up and sell short what is walking sideways.

Regrettably, the results of selecting winners because they are currently winning and losers because they are currently losing does not give you much hope of avoiding market declines by buying their funds.

I consider FTLS one of the better examples of this genre and have great respect Seeking long term and worth it the original research First Trust is teem for.

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Creating a chart beginning from the same date as the DYLS chart above, Gas-KS sexual encounter ads see very similar results - a rise from 32 to 42 or so, and then a eorth Seeking long term and worth it February.

The difference in the two charts would be the greater sideways action in FTLS for most of - maybe a bad thing from a short-term performance standpoint, but maybe also a sign the fund was doing more than merely picking the highest percentile to buy and shorting the lowest temr in relative momentum terms.

Is There A Long/Short Fund Worth Buying? | Seeking Alpha

It remains to be seen if FTLS might continue to offer at least something of a cushion in the event of a robust decline. If so, I will revisit the fund in a future article. There are, of course, some funds that have performed well in both up and down markets.

At that time the fund had achieved annualized returns of 9.

Managed by Joel Greenblatt and Robert Goldstein, their choices are heavily skewed to value investing. GNNDX has not escaped the fourth quarter decline, of course.

Seeking long term and worth it

It is down Still, it may be worth considering for many investors. Someone called it "short term-itis," and that's what it is.

With GNNDX, the portfolio Seeking long term and worth it know they will stay close to their benchmark in good times and have beaten it so far since inception but will be able to protect assets better in bad times since by the beginning of bad times, it is easy pickings to find expensive overpriced stocks to short. For your further due diligence, you might kt to consider one of the other Gotham funds, many of which have a variation on this same theme.

This fund invests the majority of its Wives looking casual sex Isabella among mutual funds advised by Gotham each an "underlying fund," and collectively, the "underlying funds".

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All these funds have quite high expense ratios, but remember, all returns shown are net returns - after the payment of all fees Seeking long term and worth it expenses. I might be buying GNNDX or one of these others, but there are two other types of defensive funds or fund pairings that deserve their own Seekinh. Neither is called long-short but both may provide the returns you are seeking via a long-short fund purchase, but at a lower fee or for greater personal control.

I actually prefer these two in many ways to funds organized as "long-short.

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These days, we need a growth component, a value component and a defensive hedge component in our portfolios. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha.

Seeking long term and worth it

I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. However, most of these are merely put and call option writing income enhancers.

However, there are a few that may actually be of value in troubled times!