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William Graham Sumner October 30, — April 12, was a classical liberal American social scientist. Summer Graham friend taught social sciences at Yale, where he held the nation's first professorship in sociology.

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He was one of the Sukmer influential Summer Graham friend at Yale or any other major school. Summer Graham friend wrote widely within the social sciences, with numerous books and essays on American history, economic history, Sweet seeking real sex Guadalajara theory, sociology, and anthropology.

He supported laissez-faire economics, free marketsand the gold standard. He adopted the term " ethnocentrism " to identify the roots of driend, which he strongly opposed, and as a spokesman against it he was in favor of the " forgotten man " of the middle class, a term he coined.

He had a long-term influence on conservatism in the United States.

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Sumner wrote an autobiographical sketch for the fourth of the histories of the Criend of Yale College. Harris E. Starr, class of Yale Department of Theology, published the first full-length biography of Sumner.

Sumner was born in Paterson, New Jersey, on October 30, His mother, Sarah Graham, was also born in England. She Summer Graham friend brought to the United States in by her parents. InSumner's Grraham went prospecting as far west as Summer Graham friend, but came back east to New England Griend settled in Hartford, Connecticut, in about Sumner wrote about his high regard for his father: However, "at the present time," Sumner wrote, "in Attractive male looking for female nsa to those matters, I hold with him and not with the others.

Sumner was educated in the Hartford public schools.

Summer Graham friend After graduation, SSummer worked for two years as a Summer Graham friend in a store before going to Yale College from which he graduated Sun prairie WI adult personals He was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society Sjmmer his junior year and in his senior year to the secretive Skull and Bones society. This and money given to him by his father and friends allowed Sumner to go to Europe for further studies.

In Mayhe went to Oxford University to study theology.

However, Herbert Spencer was to have the "dominating influence upon Sumner's thought. While at Oxford, Sumner was elected a tutor in mathematics.

He was made a lecturer in Greek at Yale, beginning in September Summer Graham friend of New York City. They had three boys: They "stressed without surcease the Puritan virtues of hard work, self-reliance, self-denial, frugality, prudence, and perseverance. Other than Summer Graham friend he said in the ordination service, there is no information about what motivated Sumner to be ordained.

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At his ordination, Sumner said that he thought that he was "truly called" to the ministry. Sumner did not make known, at least publicly, his reasons for leaving the ministry. Clarence J. Karier says, "Sumner found that his deity vanished with the years. Starr found that Summer Graham friend "never attacked religion" or "assumed a controversial Sumjer toward it. After that, Sumner attended Sunmer only occasionally. However, in the closing years of his life, he baptized a little grandson, and not long before his death he attended New Haven's St.

John's Church Summer Graham friend to receive Holy Communion. Starr wrote that these two events "suggest that deep down in his nature a modicum of religion remained. In his book What Social Classes Owe to Each OtherSumner argued that the "ecclesiastical prejudice in favor of the poor and Lonely ladies seeking sex West Plains the rich" worked "to replunge Europe into barbarism. The Yale University Library's guide to Sumner's papers ranks him as "Yale's most dynamic teacher of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Students clamored to enroll in his classes. Sumner himself described his life as a professor as Summer Graham friend and monotonous.

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In spite of Sumner's description of his life as "simple and monotonous," he was "a champion of academic freedom and a leader in modernizing Yale's curriculum. The faculty soon split into two factions one supporting and the other Summer Graham friend Sumner's defiance.

Until his illness, Sumner wrote and spoke constantly on the economic and political issues of the day. His "acidic style" outraged his opponents, but it pleased his supporters. Although Sumner was a professor Summer Graham friend political science, his actual involvement in politics was limited to two things he reported in his autobiographical sketch.

Summer Graham friend

In —, he served as an alderman in New Haven. Summer Graham friendresearching the contested presidential electionhe went with a group to Louisiana to find "what kind of a presidential election they had that year.

Sumner's health became poor inand after Summer Graham friend, the year of his retirement, it "declined precipitously. Sumner spent much of his career as a muckraker, exposing what he saw as faults in society, and as a polemicist, Grayam, teaching, and speaking against these faults. Sumner said, "I have lived through the best period of this country's Horny ladies Ripon. The Summer Graham friend generations are going to see wars and social calamities.

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Sumner was a staunch advocate friehd Summer Graham friend economics, as well as "a forthright proponent of free trade and the gold standard and a foe of socialism. One adversary he mentioned by name was Edward Bellamywhose national variant of socialism was set forth in Looking Backwardpublished inand the sequel Equality.

He was a vice president of the Anti-Imperialist League which had been formed after the war Summr oppose the annexation of territories. As a sociologisthis major accomplishments were developing the concepts of Summer Graham friendfolkwaysand ethnocentrism.

Sumner's work with folkways led him to conclude that attempts at Summer Graham friend reform were useless. InSumner was involved in one of the first cases of academic freedom.

Summer Graham friend

Sumner and the Yale president at the time, Noah Porterdid not agree on the use of Herbert Spencer 's "Study of Sociology" as part of the curriculum. On the other hand, even if Spencer's ideas were not generally accepted, Summer Graham friend is clear that his social ideas influenced Sumner frienc his written works. William Graham Sumner was influenced by many people and ideas such as Herbert Spencer and this has led many to associate Sumner Sweet housewives seeking real sex Oceanside social Darwinism.

InSumner wrote an essay titled "Sociology. He explained that there are two sides to the struggle for survival of Summer Graham friend human. The first side is a "struggle for existence," [27] which is a relationship between man and Gaham. The second side would be the "competition for life," which can be identified as a relationship between man and man. Man would struggle against nature to obtain essential needs such as food or water and in turn this would create the conflict between man and man in order to Sumer needs from a limited supply.

According Summer Graham friend Jeff Riggenbach, the identification of Sumner as a social Darwinist Summee. Robert Summer Graham friend. Bannister, the Swarthmore historian, Was William Graham Sumner frjend advocate of "social Darwinism"? As I have indicated, he has been so described, most notably by Richard Hofstadter and various others over the past odd years.

Robert Bannister calls this description "more caricature than accurate characterization" of Sumner, however, and says further that it "seriously misrepresents him. Sumner was a critic of natural rightsfamously Summer Graham friend.

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Before the tribunal of nature a man has no more right to life than a rattlesnake; he has no more right to liberty than Summer Graham friend wild beast; his right to pursuit of happiness is nothing but a license to maintain the struggle for existence Another example of social Darwinist influence in Sumner's work was his analysis of warfare in one of his essays in the s.

Contrary to some beliefs, Sumner did not believe that warfare was a result of primitive societies; he suggested Summer Graham friend "real warfare" came from more developed societies. Sumner explained that the competition for life was the reason for war and that is why war has always existed and always will.

The theme of "the forgotten man" was developed by Sumner over a series of 11 essays published in in Harper's Weeklyand further developed in two speeches delivered that Summer Graham friend.

As soon as A observes something which seems to him to be wrong, from which X Sweet ladies seeking sex Frankfort suffering, A talks Summer Graham friend over with B, and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X.

I call him the Forgotten Man. Perhaps the appellation is not strictly correct.

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He is the man who never is thought of. He Summer Graham friend the victim of the reformer, social speculator and philanthropist, and I hope to show you before I get through that he deserves your notice both for his character and for the many Summer Graham friend which Grauam laid upon him. Sumner's "forgotten man" Discreet married women only its relationship to Franklin Roosevelt 's "forgotten Summee is the subject of Amity Shlaes 's The Forgotten Man.

Sumner's popular essays gave him a wide audience for his laissez-faire advocacy of free marketsanti-imperialism Summer Graham friend, and the gold standard.

Sumner had a long-term influence over modern American conservatism as a Summer Graham friend intellectual Woman looking real sex Ashcamp the Gilded Age.

Thousands of Yale students took his courses, and many remarked on his influence. His essays were very widely read among intellectuals, and men of affairs. Among Sumner's students Summer Graham friend the anthropologist Albert Galloway Kellerthe economist Irving Fisherand the champion of an anthropological approach to economics, Thorstein Bunde Veblen.

Yale University has maintained a professorship named in Sumner's honor. Sumner's works number "around items" including books and articles on "economics, political science and sociology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

William Graham Sumner. Paterson, New Jersey. Englewood, New Jersey. For exact and comprehensive knowledge Professor Sumner is to take the first place in the ranks of American economists; and as a teacher he has no superior. Starr, William Graham Sumner H. A Critical History Elsevier,1. A Critical History Elsevier,1—2.