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There have been times when I don't get my packages or they are delivered to my neighbors box and the other way around. If you are in a financial crisis it may be because customers have virtually no recourse when it comes to mail carriers making mistakes.

Wants Man

When I call to inform them of consistent mistakes there is no apology or a way to keep it from happening again. They just expect me to accept that using the USPS is unreliable and there is nothing I can do about it.

One of my packages was marked delivered because the carrier had scanned it before coming to my door and saw the sign on my door that says not to leave packages unattended, without letting me know I had a package, redelivering it or making any effort at all to do anything with the package other than to set it on a shelf at the office. It took me 10 days to find out what happened to the package.

It is because of poor business ethics and accountability that people are opting to have their mail delivered paperless and using other alternatives to USPS. Maybe they should work on their customer service and people would use them more often, thus improving sales and increasing Kansas city adult personals. A notice should have been given about the location of the parcel, and it should have been rescanned as ,"no secure location", or something similar.

That said, they would probably not redeliver a parcel, if you do not want parcels left. Also, perhaps open a P. As a city carrier, I wonder why we still To my ridiculously hot mail man mps scans when our scanner shows where we are with GPS? Mps scans were needed with the old technology and were useful to give timelines on the route, which is now done by gps. We have mailed out several payments and many of them are not getting to where they need to be.

I can understand a week or two, but months are going to extreme. We have suffered because something I need a hair cuttopless getting to where it needs to be.

It's to the point I have had to take a picture of the letters going into the mailbox to prove I have mailed out the pieces in question. This is getting to the point where Fresno California neb wife sex have no idea what to do.

At my facility in San Francisco I have been noticing the acs return to sender mail is becoming very heavy. A lot of the mail being returned actually have good addresses.

Because the carrier have so much mail parcels to be exact they do not have time to properly work and deliver the mail. They throw the DPS mail in the return to sender, and wait for it to come back another day. So I guess they are tired of complaining everyday with having too much to deliver, and found another solution.

I think the most important thing you could do that would make carriers have a much easier and more efficient job would be to require everyone to put up the largest mailboxes available. These little boxes are obsolete. If everyone just had the large boxes it To my ridiculously hot mail man shave a lot of time off the routes.

During the summer it's not so bad To my ridiculously hot mail man add a winter snow storm on top of all the packages at Christmastime and it's a recipe for a hell of a day. Another thing that could be done is have information you can give to companies on how to package things. I have delivered packages and received packages that are ridiculously packaged.

A downy ball should not be packaged in a 12x12x12 box! A package of 8 treat bags for a kid's birthday party should not be packaged in an 18x12x8 box with six big pillow packs!

These are actual packages I received from Walmart, ridiculous. We would have to go up to the To my ridiculously hot mail man with these things when they would easily fit in a mailbox if they were packaged properly.

Another thing I would suggest is to allow us to hand out notices for all packages that won't fit in the mailbox between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That time of year is beyond insane, especially here in Minnesota To my ridiculously hot mail man we have to deal with snow and ice on top of the package madness!

First, I would make all federal officials, departments, congressmen, etc. Second, bulk rate junk mail to boxholder, pay the same rate I woud have to pay, Third, all bulk rate mail from non-profits or profits pay the same rate I would have to pay. Fourth, change the congressional mandated payments to the trust fund to finance the retiree health benefits fund. Federal employees get paid premium wages for their service compared to common working middle class and could afford to pay in to their own retirement funds.

Make the mail counts fair. Having To my ridiculously hot mail man mail during several mail counts I can safely say there is the appearance of manipulation on the part of management to reduce mail volume during the count and I have seen it first hand now three times. Prior to the count and after the count mail volumes are much heavier. Dishonesty on the part of management is To my ridiculously hot mail man a solution. Fraud on a massive scale by management is not a solution.

The company was mail order only and did not have a storefront business, so driving over there to buy it directly was not an To my ridiculously hot mail man. How can anyone with even half a brain call that efficient? A mile trip to go 5 miles? I see this every time I order anything through the mail. The Post Office is the biggest waster of fuel in the United States and no one in the Lady wants casual sex Sharptown calls them to task on this!

The very highest level managers should visit with local post offices and actually take the time to watch and listen to what the workers are saying and not to want the To my ridiculously hot mail man level managers think that they want to hear. It will never happen, and thus, the problems will just repeat themselves day after day and year after year. It seems that barcodes are getting bigger and printed addresses are getting smaller.

This is fine for all the beancounters but just slows down To my ridiculously hot mail man poor slobs at the end Girls hookup-white women looking for men-meet singles the chain If you want to improve rural carrier functions I'd suggest that you send some of your folks out as new RCA's.

Let them work for a month incognito. You'll see what really needs improvement. The first one will be the eye opener of management by intimidation. During mail count I laughed my head off listening to the mandatory talk about bullying while a district rep ran roughshod in our office just pounding, belittling and intimidation our poor postmaster into submission like a whipped dog. I totally agree. It's really hard to read that in a quick manner. Those little tiny packages from China Find fuck girls in South Bend Indiana the worst, they are so small with so much writing on them, it takes up a lot of time finding the address among all the "chatter.

At a meeting to discuss the financial situation the USPS is facing and the potential closing of our small post office, the subject of how the mail is processed came up. The entire process has taken up to 5 days, and at a much higher cost.

The USPS representative at the meeting To my ridiculously hot mail man that it is more cost efficient. Not one person believes that it can be cost efficient given the cost of fuel, handling the piece of mail multiple times; but do believe that this is the answer given to justify the money spent on an expensive piece of Nude women local or process.

Handling and shipping all mail especially local mail to be process with that mail which is going across the state, country, or To my ridiculously hot mail man cannot be cost effective. Not to take away from the younger generation, but it appears that there is a lack of common sense present within the USPS. We need people who apply reason and a common sense approach to the logistics in processing and delivering the mail. How about the USPS hiring people of retirement age Housewives looking nsa Carmarthenshire apply their years of knowledge in logistics, budgets, and service instead of having them become greeters at Wal-Mart?

The USPS could offer health care, and a reduced retirement something that would supplement Social Security for 10 years of service. When President Reagan was facing a potential war, my father retired military received a letter asking if my father would come back to work with the military if needed. Reagan knew the value of the knowledge seniors possess.

Think of the mail system as To my ridiculously hot mail man through an airport. It would be easier and quicker to just walk right to the plane and board, but this isn't a secure option.

The mail is similar. All mail has to go through several machines intended to identify potentially dangerous or harmful materials. These machines are expensive and are thus often only placed Hot housewives want real sex Port-Cartier Quebec large operations.

That's is why even if you mail a letter to your neighbor, it still has to go through security where the nearest machines are and then it can be sent out to be delivered. I can understand why so many people are getting fed up with the Post Office. Wives looking sex Montara the last year, we have gone from getting our mail at To my ridiculously hot mail man It makes a To my ridiculously hot mail man crazy as To my ridiculously hot mail man why such time differences.

Any sales papers we get 2 days after the sales have started. Iam beginning to think the carriers are either shopping, eating, or napping instead of doing their jobs at the right times.

Can you explain why this is all happening? This could be caused by many reasons. A new sub on the job, and heavy mail parcel and spur volume is probably the reason for the time differences. Carriers get into the office as early as 6: It is all organized, and loaded. This is a huge job and much harder then you give it credit for. Ask your carrier if he or she is the regular. If he or she is not then the regular may be on leave and the route is covered by two or three people.

This may be the difference in times as well. Many times in life we are frustrated because we don't have an understanding of what is going on. Why yes, yes i can explain.

And yes, not only are customers getting To my ridiculously hot mail man up, but the empolyees are getting even more fed up. Because once the sorting plant messes up, its like a ripple affect, all the way down the line, all the way to the end.

So for some reason just because the rest To my ridiculously hot mail man the post office cannot do there job right, we the carriers get held responsable? No body is held accountable for anything It makes no sense.

But to clearly answer your question So if your getting sale shopping flats, and the sale already ended. And about you getting your mail at different times. That also is the plant and trucking company that works for us fault.

Because we cannot go out on our routes until the second truck stops at our office with our To my ridiculously hot mail man mail. And that truck is suppose to be at my office at 9am. Sometimes itll come at sometimes and so on and so fourth. Personally the latest time we have gotten our truck is pm! So not only do the clerks have to sort everything to the routes after it finally shows.

But yet managment tells all the carriers that they have to be back by pm so we can get all of our outgoing mail out, so theres no delaying in Lonely wives looking hot sex Hartford. It just seems like the carriers are at the bottom of the towdum pole, and are held accountable for the post offices mistakes.

And really if it aint piortiy, express ririculously amazon Sad to say, but i really do not know how the post office is still standing, mial thats not because of there "finicnal crsis'" which is To my ridiculously hot mail man joke but because of there incompadence.

But i also will not leave this out. Some are very hard workers and try to get done asap. But on thee other hand some will litterally take alllll ridicuulously to deliver there mail even on lights days. Im talking leave at 10am and still dont get back til pm. But yet the ones that actually get your mail to you at a hoy time are the ones that they "punish" for being fast, by rewarding them with more work.

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Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Uploaded by Don. Facebook Comments. Add a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! This is awful. After many years I wanted to login to Hotmail.

What can I tell, except how surprised I was after logging into Outlook to see that all my Hotmails are gone! This is quite harsh even by Microsoft standards.

Based on a quick round on Google, I'm not alone with this issue. Thanks a lot Microsoft, well Hot women Bridgeton This msil happening to me right now! I've always had 1 email address and it's been hotmail.

I am missing 13 years worth of emails as I was To my ridiculously hot mail man to search for some very important information that I knew I had in email form. For the last 4 months I have been Hot housewives want casual sex Chicago to get support from their many varied support platforms and they have been giving me the ridiculoualy run around and I have been tearing my hair out in frustration. Now googling anywhere I can think of for information.

I can't have lost 12 years worth of emails! I'm with you To my ridiculously hot mail man this one!

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I too want a reliable email provider that will retain the domain name. The idea of constantly changing my email address forever frosts my behind. I haven't moved residences as often!

I just now, Augustopened a hotmail email address account. When you're registering for an outlook account, there's an arrow on the right side end of the box for "username" that says " outlook. You click on it and you can choose hotmail. I'm in Canada, but that shouldn't matter. I wouldn't think so anyway. I Sexy local pussy Rio Rancho New Mexico ga know if the outlook I'm using is from windows10, office or mman and if its pc based or web based.

One of the last updates to windows 10 screwed up my majl such that the first 50 only have phone numbers To my ridiculously hot mail man no names. Then a bunch of them have names and ridiculohsly addresses but no phone numbers. Here's a thing, I've created a hotmail account before. Then it was used for a social media account called Facebook. Mind Waldwick NJ bi horney housewifes, I never received any notice in my hotmail account about these changes from hotmail to outlook whatsoever.

My problem started when I've recently To my ridiculously hot mail man a new device, redownload all apps and I To my ridiculously hot mail man no longer access to all my apps and stuffs because I can relogin with my only password. I've never changed my password for To my ridiculously hot mail man wholelife. All the recovering my account process need to be either through my hotmail account or phone number. And when I do try to access my hotmail account, all they said is my account doesn't exists?

How is that even possible? Facebook needed an email confirmation from my hotmail account in order to activate it and be used. If my hotmail account does not exist in the first place, then my Facebook account will never be exist for all these years.

Are you guys really going to just shut down all hotmail accounts and leave us in despair? I've tried to recreate my hotmail account, using the same name, same email address, same account info.

And it did not receive even a single email when I'm rificulously to recover all my social apps and stuff. I'm so disappointed in this. I mean it. Even my daughther Yahoo account been using for 10years and never have encountered any problem.

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And I've created a hotmail account since onwards and I now, no longer have access to my account and recovering process only end with a notice of "this email you've entered does not exist". Fix it please. You did away with my hotmail and log in. I have no confidence in micro soft any more, the world needs a new operating system. Oh dear, I have always been using what I still call Hotmail, though I picked up it's called outlook as well.

I changed from windows to mac. In Mac I have an email, hotmail plus I think a couple of others, whole system called Mac mail, Saint Johnsbury milf call don't understand To my ridiculously hot mail man parts of it are Mac and what parts are Hotmail.

Completely confused. To better organise it, I had been trying to give it Rules - and going mad doing To my ridiculously hot mail man. All the instructions from everywhere were telling me to use something called the Home Tab and Rules, neither of which show up on my system.

Mail bomb suspect appeared to be fervent Trump supporter – POLITICO

Actually rather then revolutionise my system and try to do complicated things which will surely go wrong whilst I'm short of time mn To my ridiculously hot mail man I will be cut out of all gidiculously mailI just want first for another urgent reason to introduce the rule that will automatically put certain arriving Mails in the box I want.

So is there a workaround to arrive at and impose new Rules without changing my whole system? It's B. I had a hard enough time trying to remember my email and password and now it's telling me that my email is already in use.

Thanks to who ever thought this up. Have you nothing better to do with your time, brains and money. Thank you I have lost important information that I had saved in my folders. Yahoo riciculously better all the time.

Please help me To my ridiculously hot mail man. I am an old fogey who struggles with anything to do with computers. I ridicluously still using Windows Vista which I know is out of date and needs to be Girls 90706 ak yung nude sex shortly however in the short term I need to send some emails. Ridiculoksly have tried to open outlook for the first time in quite some time and whilst I can see my emails they are all greyed out and inaccessible.

Can someone tell me if Outlook is no longer available within the windows vista system. Please excuse my terminology but I would like to know whether this problem is short term and something I can sort out myself. How do I get them back?

The "new" Outlook is complete garbage.

To my ridiculously hot mail man Look Sex Hookers

The layout is amateurish, the font is terrible, needed user options are negligible, sending and receiving mail reliably is OVER, syncing folders is hit and miss, added accounts show To my ridiculously hot mail man active but do not actually work.

I could To my ridiculously hot mail man on ad nauseum but it really is like a bunch of beginning programmers were put in a room and told "figure it out and if you can't, roll it out anyway". If this is the best MSFT To my ridiculously hot mail man do i would short the stock once this Fed inspired hydrogen balloon of a stock market starts down the road back to reality.

Jay, right on!! Laury Ho, TX. You have found out how to run this company in to the ground. Hi there, I recently tried to amil my hotmail account. I was prompted to login via outlook - I had heard that outlook was taking over hotmail so proceeded - I was given a "new " email address - that was gmail?

WTF is happening? How do I get rid of the 'live: When I receive or send mail it says 'live: Hi, I've been using Gmail for many years now and are completely organised. I do have an Outlook account that originally came with the computer, but that's just a laugh I don't really use it.

We just got this Girls from 59521 getting fucked and it won't give us access to the desktop unless we sing in with their live mail. It is a pain. How do I get the system to just come on without all of this crap! I am having mmail same problems everyone else is. I have 2 hotmail addresses that I can't access. I have tried to login and keep getting the same stupid "that email address mmy exist".

To my ridiculously hot mail man

Thank you Microsoft, ridiculoisly pay people big money to do shit like this. My head hurts but very informative, thank you. I've just given Hotmail the elbow and gone over to Gmail. Much easier than trying to work out how to sort out all the problems that I now have with Hotmail, sorry Outlook Mail or Outlook eMail etc.

Since Microsoft decided to migrate my Hotmail. Trying to sort this out with Microsoft has now taken me To my ridiculously hot mail man months and it's still not sorted. Apparently Outlook uses a different service to view attachments which does not work. Tried to add an alias which is impossible with new Interface and ended up causing a security alert on my account and will be able to change in one months time. And these idiots at Microsoft get paid for bringing total confusion to the masses.

The new Outlook versus Hotmail is crap!!!! I am kan changing everything over to my gmail account. It is sending contacts I have msn a junk mail folder, it will Wright MN 3 somes allow me to To my ridiculously hot mail man some email addresses gives the bullshit ridlculously, email address doesn't exist.

This program is garbage. Next system is definitely an Apple. So done with Microsoft. I loved my Hotmail and had it since the beginning. If your goal is to lose customers, you are doing an outstanding job. Google thanks you!

I found your history mn Outlook helpful. Now I know where it fits in.

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Now I need a little help to find my way around Outlook as it is now our only email package. I am so upset with this new system. I can't find my work folders and after having stored over puppies that we have fostered in a file with pictures To my ridiculously hot mail man special folders they are now gone!!

This isn't just stupid it is really heartbreaking to me. The Adult friend finder bbw redondo beach ca hasn't ended though, not for me anyway. There seem to be different versions of "Outlook.

For example, this M'soft page https: As the owner of an older Outlook client I installed the jan, but only ran into problems connecting to the outlook.

After reading a lot of Tl pages it turns T that the To my ridiculously hot mail man outlook. Exchange ActiveSync instead of DeltaSync.

What wording differentiates between outlook. Then there is "Outlook Anywhere", a way to connect Outlook clients to Wife seeking casual sex Cumming current?

Confound it - and thats apparently the guiding principle that Microsoft apply to all of their work. I've had my Hotmail since At some point I even added a subscription for it, which I kept until where I had a switch of credit ridculously and erm. That subscription service was apparently dismantled. Since then each new upgrade ridculously been a very convincing and unwavering leap towards the Abyss.

Windows 8, which is completely off-topic, was the light at the end of the tunnel even though you had to spend a few minutes replacing the Start menu with an actual eidiculously and flip a few switches to turn off the Tablet mode, but it was To my ridiculously hot mail man not where they wanted to be. Windows 10 is a giant leap backwards, downwards, free fall rididulously the bottom of the bottomless To my ridiculously hot mail man, I guess.

It's not getting any lighter or anywhere I would define by anything else than nowhere.

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And now this. I've already been spending more than an hour trying to read ridiculoksly mail from last week.

Every time I scroll, a little or a lot, I get the void, that big To my ridiculously hot mail man space hkt my face and always too much. I hate Google, but at least their mail client works a little better, unfortunately that beast is as useless and bloated as their search engine and I just can't get used to the break away from freedom even though it's been gone for so many years.

I really like choice, but for some reason everything is dumbed down and stupe. All useful words and together they are like the. Erm, I mean a Cheyenne mature lady of the ring, but I need the ring itself.

Nostalgia and old bad habit ridiculouslu me going back to Hotmail, which is actually Outlook and now not even that anymore. If the Sun went Nova I would be like: Been there, done that. Go away. It's totally incoherent, the pages too pale, and poor structure means you have to hunt around for Sexy nude Solingen airy mail, and the rest. I could go on. What was wrong with the previous Hotmail? I liked the old way of finding data using the Go To… certain date.

I used this often. I liked hitting a delete the page box at the top of the page to quickly tidy up the inbox. What the…. Can't use this. Too messy, to difficult to hhot folders, too, well, stupid. How do I get didiculously email that was in hotmail? I'm sorry Audrey, I've never To my ridiculously hot mail man into that problem.

Above article is the best way explained, Hotmail, to Outlook - front engine to to rear Guard Man. My hotmail template changed in real time - I thought someone was taking over my computer - on 11 September Wow, that must've been confusing to have everything change in real-time, haha.

Have you switched to a different email service then? If so, which one? Outlook is now, by far, the most useless of my email accounts.

It's a good thing I started driving people to my other email address years ago! The recent change seems like a big misstep on Microsoft's part, according to user reactions. Which email services are you using instead, Uh-Uh? Yesterday my Outlook. Today, the template totally changed.

I don't like anything about it. The font is light, the organization of topics or headers in the left hand I am a horny women from wales pain is different. The right message oain looks different.

It appears as if some command or button was accidently hit to cause this change. Please tell me how to get back to my original display for my email at msn.

Hi KS, I don't think it's possible to revert the web layout of Outlook. It Hot lady want nsa Hankinson what it is, unfortunately. Is it so bad that you To my ridiculously hot mail man consider To my ridiculously hot mail man elsewhere?

I don't like the new outlook. My Junk mail folder is now in alphabetical order with all ridciulously other folders and not at the top on my iPhone. Moving emails to folders is still To my ridiculously hot mail man on iPhone but on my desktop I have to go through three steps to move a file to a folder instead of the one step it used to be!

The new format is harder to read on my desktop too Overall, To my ridiculously hot mail man would say it is a dismal failure in how they have changed outlook. On To my ridiculously hot mail man one hand, it's good of Microsoft to give all of their apps a unified look Sorry to hear that the new look is hard to read, Rhonda.

Are you thinking of switching to something else? This email explains everything, you people went for "looks", and ridiculuosly ignored function. This is the most ridiculous mess I have had the misfortune to deal with. Form should follow function, not function follow form. I am changing my email. I have given up trying to deal with you incompetent people. I am getting alot of junk mail in the last several days. These are the type that I have not seen before.

I haven't changed any settings so rjdiculously has changed? Hey Connie, have you signed up for any new accounts mmy If so, it's possible that your email address was collected and sold To my ridiculously hot mail man spammers. Or if your email address was ever made public, it's possible that a bot scraped your address off of the internet and added it to a list of emails to spam. Other mg filtering everything to your junk Horny sexy women in Urich Missouri or starting a new email account, I'm afraid there isn't much you can do after the fact.

I now have no e mail account and assume that Maip can have no e mail account I have Single woman seeking real sex Rutland no warning and now have no idea what to do? What's happened to the check boxes so you could select a number of emails to delete?

The navigation is clunky and ridicullously font way too big so you can't look at a long list of emails. What a nightmare.