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Women wanting fucked in Rockford

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I do not know Carlos Morales' last name, but in those interview sessions Michael Lucas always has, he addresses him as Ivan.

Aaron James last name is Summers tatooed on his back. I know, I know. Anyway having watched the interview with Rush within the making of special on the newly-released "Chi-Chi LaRue's Playing With Fire" dvd, I Woman seeking casual sex Autryville realized last night "off-screen" he comes across as the gayest ornament on the Christmas Tree.

Women wanting fucked in Rockford Cortez real name is Alex Castro. Leo Giamani's real name is Women wanting fucked in Rockford Foresta. Here is a youtube video of his brother running for some kind of student government office. They have the same face. By the way, how many pron stars have used their real names? Someone mentioned Francois Sagat, and if I recall correctly, the late Richard Locke used his real name.

Any others? I thought that was a joke r73, but it really is he name. His picture comes up on his facebook page, where I might add all his friends are hot blonde chicks.

Women wanting fucked in Rockford

Really r76, not on mine it isn't. I think it list about 10 friends, and they change every time you open his page. All of them were hot young women first time I opened it. Women wanting fucked in Rockford he started making movies for Falcon and used the "Ken Ryner" name. Have you heard Colton sing? Judging by the generous use of autotune, I'm far less surprised than you.

I've heard of Brent Corrigan and Lucas, but who the fuck are all these others?

Could have some well-known people please. Read the comments by his porn star wife Emma. Most them are posted under the name truth.

Funny and delusional. A popular Active Duty model just died named Randy. His twin brother also did porn. Does anyone know his name? Don't know the real name so I can't get any details on his weird death accept from Dink Flamingo whom I don't trust. Steve York, originally from Miami, real name Steve York.

When last heard from a couple years ago, married, living just across the Oklahoma-Texas line. Dustin Michaels real name is Andrew Grande, died Dec swallowing bag of pot during an arrest. Is Kurt Wild really Women wanting fucked in Rockford and father?

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I've always thought that was a publicity ply, especially when he went on Tyra. I don't care what Michael Lukas' birth records say.

I say his real name is Ducklips Fartsmeller, and that settles it.

The Leo Giamani real discussion is fun. He lived in my building in Chase City Philadelphia for about 2 years before he left to become a "star". Only mentioning this because others have already disclosed his Women wanting fucked in Rockford.

I'm still a fan. It's definitely Leo R writing some of those messages. He also posted this one about removing his name from the site because it is "character infringement" and "invades privacy".

He did the same thing on a gay porn blog a few months back. On a post about him he put up a message asking for financial assistance and left his email address. He said his Black women getting fucked in manchester career was over and he couldn't get work in the financial industry because of doing porn.

The moderators weren't sure if it was really him but recognized the email as Women wanting fucked in Rockford so they asked him and he confirmed that he did put up the message. A few days later he asked them to take it down.

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They said they would remove his email address but not the message. He used pretty much the same words as the linked message and threatened to get a lawyer. Garrett is on Facebook, where his current bf is none other than Benjamin Bradley!

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Considering he was involved in cheerleading for a number of years, why would anyone be surprised that he had a number of good looking female friends. Ib, there are only two Blake Brumbelows on Facebook, and one of them has no pics at all. Please post a link for this supposed other profile.

If you have a facebook A Natal gift for my friend R sign in and copy Women wanting fucked in Rockford link then paste it after you are signed in. It doesn't turn up Rodkford FB because the Rovkford settings are set up to where the page is not searchable. Someone has been writing that for months and they are full of shit. Jeremy Bilding went to Vegas last weekend to celebrate Blake's birthday with Blake and his boyfriend.

He even tweeted a pic of them line dancing in a gay country and Women wanting fucked in Rockford bar.

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Blake is still listed as a CR1 exclusive so I don't think that "retirement" will be for too much longer. Here's the tweet, R The problem is there's no indication, either Pevely Missouri fuck women or on Facebook, that he has a boyfriend.

Simply being in the same photo as another guy doesn't mean they're fucking. Think he's having fun. We sure are. What's Women wanting fucked in Rockford deal with Jeremy Bilding? He has anotehr twitter as Ryan Driller, his qanting porn name. Could he be a genuine bisexual? At the maybenow. Does anyone know the story there?

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Is that true? It's been mentioned on a few blogs that Pat Bateman is in jail.

Apparently Pat, Leo, and Rusty Stevens were good friends and ran around together. Leo's only income is wnting escorting. His Randy Blue contract ran out and the one he has with Falcon comes up in March but they aren't using him. Women wanting fucked in Rockford is just starting to get work again.

There is a youtube interview Women wanting fucked in Rockford him that Diesel Washington did with him and said he is no longer gay Ladies seeking nsa Nebo Illinois 62355 pay but just gay.

Speaking of real names he has a tattoo of his real name across his back. Jeremy Bilding's real name is Adam Cuculich. Linked is a model mayhem profile. He was a former fattie and it shows. He looks like someone that lost weight very fast but not Women wanting fucked in Rockford in a healthy way. What I don't get about him is that Rusty Stevens said wantihg couldn't get work for a year because of the bareback he did.

Chi Chi is very vocal about being anti bareback and refused to hire performers that did BB. She quit directing straight porn because she wanted to use condoms ln was told no. Yet she signed someone that did condomless porn on gay and straight sites.

Patrick Bateman is in jail?

How can this be? Leo has to have some serious issues Women wanting fucked in Rockford Randy Blue and Falcon not to want to work with him. He may have been a blah performer, Woman seeking nsa Tamo he's one of the bigger stars in gay porn at the moment, and Woman who wants to drink i can help u out elicit more interest than most anyone else.

The comments from Rusty Stevens don't make much sense in the context of other performers who've done bareback and gone onto more mainstream condom features: Rusty is pretty plain looking, which I suspect is the reason he wasn't used much. Chi Chi is a lying douche. He's Women wanting fucked in Rockford a number i performers who've done barebacking films. Jeremy Bilding has never bottomed, bb or fuked.

I suspect that might have something to do with it. I noticed the moobs as well. The fact that he still has them leads me to think he has that condition someone mada a thread about a week or so ago. Wow, what Leo use to do to girls, sounds like a total cunt. All these gay 4 pay guys turn out to have Women wanting fucked in Rockford moral issues.